Do Diet Foods – Myths

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Do Diet Foods – Myths
It seems that a lot of ways to lose weight. But there is much confusion. Any time someone enters the Internet, in order to answer this question, so much information coming out. The result is a chaos of ideas that often run counter to, and not make any sense at all.

For example, the rule is known to consume fewer calories than your body burns, completely understandable. But there are exceptions to this basic rule. If you eat 1,500 calories every day, made of chocolate and lose weight? Maybe, but is likely to break something else in the body. The conclusion is that there is a need to acquire a thorough understanding of weight loss. Here I will debate a lot of bad myths that are true for such a long time.

The carcass weight, you skip meals

If you skip meals, your body thinks that you can starve. Such as efficient machine, you can turn the “starvation mode” or “you lose the low-calorie as possible,” and can slow down the metabolism process. You can also start consuming your muscles need the protein. Thus, you lose the fit-looking, less muscle mass in the body can cause a slower metabolism, you will feel hungry, and the next meal you will probably overeat.

A diet of processed foods are good for weight loss
You may simply go to a store and just buy some of these foods. But when their effectiveness, there is a problem. Most of them are full of sugar. These shakes and bars are processed increases in blood glucose levels in the blood and the fat storage hormone, insulin, is considered. This results in larger and larger hip girth. Another disadvantage is that these processes are bad foods to satisfy hunger, and sooner or later you will be tempted to overeat.

Instead, try to eat whole foods. They are more nutritional substances, and require digestive energy, which in itself makes the body burn more calories. Instead of eating ‘diet’ though, boil an egg, and while waiting to be ready to eat an apple. If you have a frozen dinner, try the chicken and salad will be.

Cutting fat diet for weight loss, good

In fact, it is rather bad, if you want to lose the pounds. The body needs fat to release fat. Many processes in the body fat of free hormones themselves. Thus, the process of burning fat. As a general rule is to eat 25% of calories as fat healthy sources such as walnuts, almonds, flax oil and avocados.

In summary, if you know what you’re doing, losing weight can be easy and fun. Eat several small meals, eat whole foods as much as possible and contain a small amount of fat in the diet of healthy sources.


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