The Bhagwad Gita- The Song of The Lord of Truth And Life

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The Bhagavad-Gita is the foremost Hinduscripture.  It contains the divine words which have emanated from God himself. Its glory is unlimited and none can describe it. Even Sesa, the thousand headed serpent-god whose back forms the couch of the God Vishnu, and Siva and Ganesh, cannot fully depict this glory of the Gita.

The Gita is mentioned in the  epics and the Puranas. All these scriptures  have sung the praises and Glory of the Gita. But all these words of praise if added together would still be less to describe the glory of the Gita. The fact is the Gita is the word of God and nobody can describe its full glory.

As a scripture the Gita embodies the supreme spiritual mystery and essence of life and death. It contains more wisdom than all the 4 Vedas. Yet its style is simple and elegant and any man can easily understand it.  But the thought behind the words is so deep and abstruse that even a lifelong study may not suffice to understand this scripture in all its totality. As a scripture, the Gita is so incomparable that there is no word in it which is free from some instructive thought.

The Gita is the epitome of all the scriptures. The essence of all scriptures is to be found in it. In fact it will not be an understatement to say that the Gita is the store house of all spiritual knowledge. The Mahabharata also says ‘the Gita comprises all the scriptures’ (ref Bhisma, 44.4). But I feel that this statement is inadequate. For all the scriptures have originated from the Vedas and the Vedas were revealed through Brahma’s mouths. Brahma himself took his descent from the lord’s navel. In this way a great distance separates the scriptures from the lord. But in contrast the Gita has emanated directly from the lips of the lord Krishna himself. Hence it is superior to all scriptures. I have no doubt it is the word of God.

The divine sage Vedavyasa himself says ‘the Gita alone should be sung, heard, recited. Studied, pondered and assimilated properly and well. What is the use of collecting other scriptures? For the Gita has emerged directly from the lotus lips of the god Vishnu himself’.( Mahabharata , bhismaparva 43.1)

The Gita is superior even to the Gayatri. Through the practice of the japa of Gayatri man attains liberation. But he who practices japa of the Gayatri secures liberation for only himself; whereas the student of Gita liberates not only himself but other people as well.  Reading the Gita means that you are closer to god and thus Mukti or salvation becomes something very minor. In fact the lord makes a gift of Mukti to all and sundry that comes into his fold through studying the Gita.

The Gita is superior to the Ganga  as well. One can bathe and purify himself in the Ganga, but by spreading the word of God through the Gita, one can spread happiness and salvation to each and every home.

The lord himself says ‘I take my stand on the Gita; the Gita is my supreme abode. I maintain the 3 worlds on the strength of the wisdom contained in the Gita.’

Apart from this in the Gita itself the lord says that he who follows his instructions as contained in the Gita will be rewarded with liberation. He further says that even if a man studies the scriptures he will be regarded as having worshipped him.

The Gita is the very life breath, the heart and verbal image of the lord. Really speaking no self-restraint, fasting, religious vow or anything else stands comparison to the Gita. The Gita contains the words directly as they emanated from the lips of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. Its compiler is Maharishi Vyasa. The lord uttered part of his discourse in verse which the sage Vyasa recorded exactly as they were uttered by the lord. Whatever the lord said in prose was versified by the sage Vyasa and the words of Arjun, Sanjaya and Dhrtarastra were similarly versified by the sage in his own words. The book is divided into 700 verses and 18 chapters and made it an orgasmic part of the Mahabharata. That is how the book has come down to us.

The book is the epitome of the Hindu religion and encompasses rare wisdom. Foreign students have now started understanding the significance of the Gita. The Gita talks of immortality of the soul as well its rebirth and transmigration. These are revolutionary thoughts and form the bedrock of Hinduism. I can say without any compunction that no superior scripture is available in the world compared to the Gita.

The last chapter of the book titled ‘the yoga of liberation through the path of knowledge and self-surrender’ is the essence of the book and for followers an elevating experience.



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