Usa Votes to Take Control Over The Internet

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U.S. goverment is trying to take control over the entire global Internet. According to a new law the congress will approve today USA will be able to block access to any website including the popular site WikiLeaks. It’s unbelievable.  A growing group has just started protesting against it, but everything is kept secret not even CNN or BBC was talking a word about it. It’s a local law but will have effect worldwide as even more people host their websites in America at as big companies as GoDaddy or Amazon Web Services. Due to the law you’ll not be able to post what’s in your mind, upload videos with 3rd-party content such as you dancing to a song. If you would do it, you could be jailed for 5 years. America is referring to the blocade of online piracy. But instead it’s much like a mania of ruling the world. Practically the government could block all the DNS servers for any reason regardless what website owners say. There’s no appeal. Most people has forgotten that they can access websites via IP addresses, too, so for instance pirate sites will always be able to be visited via their IP address. The congress is following the example of the unpopular Hungarian government controlling the media including the Internet and having impact on everyone. Also they could monitor all users’ online activity. I wouldn’t have to mention this is againt every form of human rights. America is becoming one of the most centralised countries despite its ordinary image. If the congress approved this law for real (this case is on today’s list) Internet could become an utopistic place where freedom is unknown. Just like in Endgame, the movie of Alex Jones. And we have all chance that it gets allowed. They argue with the growing online piracy but this could not be reason to take away our privacy. This law would grant USA rights to block websites through Domain Name Servers shutting down companies like Facebook or Google. It’s hopefully not in plan to do this but for now on everyone can refer to this law at anytime. Forum posts, replies also get filtered and censored. The lawsuit is appointed to this afternoon.


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