Article Writing Guide: Construct Your Online Article Content

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It has always been a huge dilemma for new writers what to write and how to construct a very impressive article especially for their first one. Such obstacle cause by the abundance of knowledge and information brought by the digital world results to unending confusion for newbie writers making them quit and abandon online article writing. In most cases, article writing requires skill, experience, and expertise within their chosen topic or field of category so if you are a newbie writer, you need some devotion and time to develop that writing skill within you. This might sound hard but achieving such goal really builds up your self-esteem as a writer and you can find it so beneficial on your side which will motivate you to create more high quality original articles.

Identify the Problem of the Reader

Assuming you’ve already done your research for your selected keyword or topic, you now need to start writing your article. Your first paragraph aside from article description/summary and title also plays ;an important role which will make them decide whether to continue reading or not, so it is essential to tackle what are some of the problem readers are facing relevant with the idea of the title to inform them that you as the author and they as the reader, share the same difficulties.

Give Your Reader an Informative Solution

Jumping to the next paragraph of your article, give your reader an informative solution maybe based on facts or from your own life experience. See to it that your steps or instructions if you have, not necessarily easy to apply or do, can be completely understood. This way, not only you can earn recognition but it will also benefit the reader as well so keep it friendly, positive and motivational.

Give Your Reader Positive Inspiration

As much as you are inspired to write an article, inspire also your reader to read even more. Giving some conclusions, message, inspirational quote, or recommendation on your last paragraph could help them feel somehow connected with the author thus increases readership. Just don’t forget to keep in mind that it should always be relevant with the idea of the article.

Following this guide doesn’t limit you to write only a three paragraph article. Your article may compose of as many paragraphs as you like that resembles your personality and creativity as long as it is relevant with the idea you want to convey. Anyone could be a great writer including you so why not give it a shot? 


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