Musandam Cruise & Grand Canyon Oman

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In 1980s, Oman was not a place where tourists really felt adventurous to visit, but with the turn of century the tourism in Oman has become alternate source of revenue. It is the land which is now full of uncountable tourism points welcoming foreigners from all over the world.

Musandam Cruise in Oman refers to an ocean trip taken for pleasure with its exciting features. While planning a tour, the planners organize a few activities in it and Musandam Cruise is one of them. This adventure also operates traditional Dhow cruises, over night camping, whale and dolphin dance programs in Musandam Peninsula. This package of Oman Cruise allows tourists to explore the region’s spectacular deep reefs and beautiful marine life. The package also ranges from full day cruise to overnight and full night cruise options with complete meals and other activities. Since Oman is mostly surrounded by sea and people living in Oman are famous for their love and affection of their water; therefore, cruises in Oman can never be separated from its history. Even some villages in Oman like Kumzar are only reachable through boat. It is a picture of pure marine life of Oman.

There are many specialized centers of cruises found in Oman such as Mariana Bandar Al Rawda in Muscat Governorate. But when the tour operators plan something, it is not only limited to the capital Muscat as many other cities and beaches are famous for marine trips. The cruise activities also include watching dancing fish like whale and dolphin. The Musandam Peninsula is a narrow entry into the Peninsula Gulf which has greatly improved featuring the beauty of Oman which was previously hidden.

Hotel Booking in Oman

Oman is a country full of luxurious hotels to budget hotel rooms that are catering travel needs like a family, value or luxury properties. Business class can also find Oman hotels with a business centre, meeting facilities, internet access along with breakfast facility, etc. The visitors can explore by facts that matter to them in terms of price, star rating, additional facilities, etc before going for hotel booking in Oman.

Online hotel booking in Oman is a great help as the rock bottom prices on hotels in Oman with exciting offers like exclusive coupons, free nights, dining and more. For instance, Grand Hayat Muscat is a five-star hotel situated in the capital of Sultanate of Oman. It offers perfection for both business and other purposes with a good number of stylish rooms with Arabian interior designs. Gulf Hotel is one of the best Muscat hotels which also generate the first class services to its visitors including airport pick-and-drop, parking, internet access, etc.

Grand Canyon Oman

The charm of steep cliff walls in Oman is of great pleasure and entertainment for the tourists. One of the most stunning one is called Jabal Shams The Grand Canyon Oman which means mountain of the sun. It presents eye-catching views from a height of nearly 3000 meters into the great canyon of Oman and across the Jabel Akhbar ranges. Jabel Shams is connecting to Nizwa, a place to get the beautiful gold and silver handicrafts. The resorts and camps are available in Jabel Shams if someone wants to explore some more areas.


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