The Haruspex

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“A relation that is burning free, with no avail; you clout all empathy.”

* Focusing on liberating an individual from a negative way of life, perspective, thought process, et cetera.  I aim to defend myself from any negative manifeststion within my own life and hope to inspire others to do the same.


When I look upon you,
I can see a vast amount of attributes;
the cynical way that I see you smile
relinquishes me from any given charity.
In all of my admiration;
I held onto you;
through the morose.
A relation that is burning free,
with no avail;
you clout all empathy.
Look to God –
thine is the power and the glory.
Cast out about the cold concrete,
petty words that scream out;
bleak meaning,
they are senseless to me.
Let me breathe!
You are a perpetrator by unlawful design,
constricted to whither away;
I lost hope for you in the passing of days.
Stymie the jaded words that I have unleashed,
I know you will try to manipulate me.
Shield thy self from God awful grace!
You are a fragment of sorrow that I cannot erase.
Cynically smile a last,
before mine chance hast come;
I will turn thy stone behind the golden sun.


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