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SMS gateway providers are entities that make instant communication between marketers and mobile phone subscribers a reality. These companies provide SMS platform to exploit various mobile marketing tasks such as;

1.    Sending out text based advertising campaigns.

2.    Content delivery in the form of weather alerts, stock quotes and premium due dates.

3.    Provide entertainment services, typically for contests and reality shows.

4.    Sending discount coupons and product updates.

These gateway providers or aggregators work in an organized manner. They provide software, called the front end and SMS credits to send mass messages. The web interface provided is extremely intuitive, easy to grasp and a joy to operate. It requires few clicks from the user to send a common SMS marketing campaign to thousands of opt-in mobile phone subscribers.

SMS Gateway entities are middlemen. They form a vital link between the marketers and the network operators.

Today, more and more businesses are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. It is not only the smaller companies which are finding this platform cost effective. Even bigger organizations are realizing its benefits in terms of affordability, reliability and efficient mechanism. Bulk SMS is a great tool to market products and services.

This is where a Bulk SMS Sender program comes into the picture.

These programs are typically provided by aggregators. You don’t need to be a geek or have a dedicated IT department to take advantage of bulk SMS technology.  
Bulk SMS gateway provider provides the required interface and other related support. Even the program is available in various avatars. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Sending text based marketing messages via websites.

2. Sending text messages from a desktop application.

3. API’s – Application programming interface is yet another sending option.

4. Excel to SMS (Sending messages from a spread sheet). This option is provided by few aggregators.

SMS is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms, providing end to end solutions. Below mentioned are some of the popular SMS Solutions.

1. Bulk SMS solution –

It is used to send marketing campaigns to thousands of mobile phone subscribers. This method does not require a mobile phone. The SMSs are sent via internet gateway. It is affordable, fast and reliable; one of the most popular ways of marketing products and sending alerts.

The main advantage of bulk SMS is its ease of use. With just a single click of the button your message is sent to thousands of subscribers instantly.

2. SMS short code solution –

This form of SMS solution is typically utilized to get feedback from clients, run contest, send out alerts (weather, stock, premium reminders, education tips etc).

This system uses a keyword on a short code number or dedicated short code number or a long code to do the task. The advantages of this solution are; it can send and receive SMS, has built-in auto reply option for individual messages and SMS alert facility.

3. Voice SMS solution –

Voice SMS is the third SMS solution. Instead of text based marketing campaigns voice is used to do the needful. Voice message has several advantages over text SMS. Voice SMS has a human touch; it is discreet and language is not a barrier.


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