Gelora Bung Karno as Quiet as A Graveyard, Where is The Supporters?

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GBK not as crowd as usual, Tuesday (11/15/2011), as commonly occurs when the national team playing there. The number of Indonesian supporters who appear in person considered to be very minimal.

Factor of home crowd support itself on making Queiroz had initially worried because it can provide a psychological boost for Indonesia. Discovered a different reality, he was trying to understand why fans are probably disappointed with the performance of ‘Garuda Squad’ in the third phase of the 2014 World Cup qualifying zone of Asia.

“We still have to respect the decision of the fans are not happy with the performance of the Indonesian team. And today is the case here. I had never experienced anything like this, I coached a team that loses and fans do not come to the stadium. It all happens on every coach in the country anywhere, “Queiroz said after the game.

Even so, the former coach of the Portugal national team and Real Madrid who also had been an assistant manager of Manchester United was still throws a little criticism of the attitude of such fans.

“I do not agree with this. I convey a message to fans Indonesia, support the team when winning or losing, because the players want to show the best for them. This attitude is not supposed to happen,” Queiroz regret.

how about from the side of supporters……lets see where are they?

The Jakmania that normally exist in the stands this time Bung Karno Stadium cheering for the support of Simon Santoso et al.

Surely there’s nothing surprising from the hubbub in Senayan. Every time Indonesia badminton team play, almost certainly Istora so crowded. This was seen when 8,000 people cheered throughout the match son team badminton final between Indonesia vs Malaysia.

Among the thousands of fans, it appears a group of supporters with attribute orange complete with drums and clothes which indicated their support Persija. They are The Jakmania.

“There are 125 people who come here. Of the various kinds korwil,” said Deny, 30, a member of The Jak from Palm d’Ivoire

125 The Jakmania it hummed beat drums and chant-chant commonly heard in GBK every time Bambang Pamungkas et al. playing with the national team shirt.

They claimed that watching badminton pertandingn Indonesia is encouraging their efforts in the SEA Games.

“If the ball, we are still boycott because there were problems as well as PSSI,” said Nchank, 23, a member of The Jak from Sukapura. He implies that the problem did not agree PSSI Persija certify Persija Basalamah Hadi version.

“During the SEA Games, Indonesia yes we support it all,” he continued.

Support 8,000 people, including Deny et al. in it, fruitless because Indonesia finally won. Even Simon Santoso admitted that the crowd support made him more eager to beat the opponent.


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