Methods of Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard drive recovery can be a stressful prospect. If you use a backup software, your data recovery is simple. If you don’t perform regular backups, though, you’ll have to jump through hoops to recover your data.

Use Backup Software
The first and best line of defense against hard drive failure is to run regular backups. If you’re using backup software, all you have to do is to input your backup source and perhaps reinstall the backup software if your hard drive fails completely. With that done, you can recover your data with a few clicks of the mouse. If you don’t use backup software, you’re looking at an expensive and potentially unsuccessful process to try and get your data back. If you value your data, a small investment in backup software and an external drive is the best protection available.

Using Data Recovery Software
Data recovery software that may be able to help you reconstruct the contents of your hard drive. The problem with data recovery software is that you can’t tell before buying it how much data it will actually be able to recover, so you may find that the expense isn’t worthwhile if it can’t save a vital file.

Data recovery software also has a tendency to recover files in odd chunks. These may contain a lot of extraneous text or code because the file becomes garbled. You may find that recovered files aren’t useable. However, if your hard drive crashes and you can’t afford professional services, data recovery software may be the only thing standing between you and losing that data forever.

Professional Services
If money is no object or the files you need to recover are of vital importance, you might want to turn to professional services to recover your hard drive data. Professional services can be quite expensive, easily crossing the $2,000 threshold, but they offer the best chance of restoring vital data in the event that you have a fatal hard drive collapse. Professional data recovery services are typically able to recover files that data recovery software missed, and are sometimes the only option to get those vital files restored.

When Hard Drive Recovery Fails
Laptop hard drive data recovery and PC hard drive data recovery are easiest when you accidentally delete a file or when you format a partition. The data is still there, and it can typically be recovered. However, if you’ve got a colossal computer problem, such as your laptop getting run over by a bus or your PC catching fire, data recovery is a lot more difficult. If your hard drive is still mostly intact, data recovery professionals may be able to restore some of your data. However, data recovery software won’t work if the hard drive itself is seriously damaged, so professional help is your only option at that point.


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