Our Characteristic Can't be Delete With Any Sport Rules, Bravo "indonesian People"

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each sport has a rule of each, including in terms of how to watch it. If not quickly learned, do not be surprised if you’ll get embarrassed.

Cheered and applauded while watching a race and sports are common. But, if done carelessly, it will actually disrupt the race or the game itself.

A simple example is when we watch a game of tennis and golf. When watching tennis or golf, time to cheer and applaud very limited.

The reason, the two sports requires high concentration. Any small disturbance, including noise, will disperse the focus of the player.

For viewers who are accustomed to watching a football game, where we are free to shout, sing, and clap their hands, this might seem strange. But, that’s the way, every sport has a rule respectively.

Recent examples presented in the center court Jakabaring Sport City Tennis Court, Palembang, Tuesday (15/11/2011). In the final tennis women team event the SEA Games XXVI between Indonesia and Thailand, the audience was taught how to watch tennis well.

In the first party to bring Lavinia Tananta and Nungnadda Wannasuk, Umpire repeatedly warned that the audience is not noisy. He also asked the audience not passing in the stands when the game runs.

Tennis match was a spectacle that demands the audience to calm down. They should only be cheered and applauded when the ball is dead.

Not only that. Spectators are also prohibited from passing in the stands when the game runs and allowed only move when the turn of the game.

However, these simple rules seem to have not been adequately understood by our audience. They still say “In … do … ne … sia” at the wrong moment and cheer when an opposing player to fault on the occasion of the first service.

he was so upset with the audience that is not orderly, Umpire had asked the local committee to give warning to the audience.

“We are the audience for not running in the stands at points running and keep quiet. Because that would distract the players and ultimately detrimental to the players themselves,” pleaded a committee over a loudspeaker.

In the end, the audience in attendance is slowly beginning to understand and learn how to watch a tennis match. The atmosphere was changed to be more fun and there was no warning from the Umpire.

absolutely right if we need to know the basics of the game as a spectator sport. need for notification and warning, so that everyone can understand and follow the rules that apply

conclusion of this topic is that we do not lose the original form of our personal self, prove that we have its own characteristics that can not be found in another country. not vice versa, we must follow their rules, and as they do. let us know all sorts of things such as knowledge alone. if it’s good we take, and we combine it with the personality characteristics of our nation, not those that we follow and obey without any root of the problem.


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