Beautiful Tips to Clean a Laptop Screen

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Even if your laptop has a laptop screen protector, it still needs to be cleaned, so you may be searching for methods on how to clean a laptop screen. You can purchase commercial products or look in the cupboards at home for everything you need.

Cleaning Cloth
Choosing the right type of cloth to clean a laptop screen is crucial because you don’t want to inadvertently scratch the screen with stiff fibers. Use an all-cotton cloth, such as a piece of T-shirt or a sock to clean the surface of the laptop screen. Never use scratchy, fibrous material like a tissue, washcloth or sweatshirt material. The fibers in these types of material will put tiny scratches on the screen. You can also purchase commercial cleansing cloths that are lint-free and sometimes soaking in cleaning solution already.

Cleaning Agent
You can use several different types of cleaner, but the most effective is isopropyl alcohol. This generally contains 91% alcohol. It’s perfect for cleaning the laptop computer screen because it evaporates almost instantly. Mix one part isopropyl and one part water for a mixture that can handle dust, grime, fingerprints and smudges. Another effective cleaner is vinegar. Use a part vinegar/part water solution to get rid of dirt and grime. Always use distilled water with cleaning agents for a laptop, as regular tap water contains minerals that could leave lasting marks.

Cleaning Kits
There are commercially available kits for cleaning laptops and computers in general. These kits generally come with a microbrush, cloth and cleaning alcohol. The contents are almost identical to what you can gather for yourself at home. The cleaning process is also the same, whether with homemade cleaners or a commercial kit.

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

  1. Use the dry, soft cloth to wipe off the screen to get rid of loose dust and dirt.

  2. Make the cleaning mixture and keep it in a small container nearby.

  3. Soak another cloth in the cleaning mixture, then wring it out completely. It should be damp but not wet.

  4. Wipe the computer screen down gently in long motions rather than hard circles.

  5. Dry the screen with a dry cloth.


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