How to start your homebased business with little investment

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 Every one in this world has a thing they like, or like to do. Mine is cooking. So seeing that construction ( my main field of employment) was slow I decided to venture into my field of enjoyment. Cooking. I looked at it with this question in mind, “What would people like that I can do best in the field I enjoy”. So I went to the local store and bought some herbs, salts, and various other items, came home and made a variety of seasonings, and experimented.

 Next I tried to figure out how to market them. My first idea was to look into the local, flea, Saturday, farmers markets and see how to get into them. The vendors and those in charge were eager to assist me in my desire to sell these seasonings and mixes. This lead to local residents and catering companies to try my products and purchase them. From there I went to the local individually owned stores, to see if they would carry my products. You would be surprised at the results.

 If you are going to do/sell something at local events, make sure you follow all legal, health, social rules that apply. I had to get my kitchen approved, labels printed and inspections done. This is not as hard as it seems. The agencies involved are willing to help you succeed.

 Every one has an idea, my sister sells homemade soap, I have friends that make and sell salsa, candles. There are people out there who are artist, woodworkers, and all sorts of artisans and sell there wares. any one can do it. And it is what you like to do and that makes it even


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