5 Photos Freeware Edition, Free Photoshop Substitute

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Photoshop is not laying again the public, but there are other free software, which can be used for photo editing?

In this case, we recommend five free you can use to edit your photos:

1. GIMP, released under GNU editing applications

Since 2005, The Gimp and Gimp is presented as an image editing application. Now the application is available for platforms such as Windows, MAC, and some versions of Linux.

In short, offer relief GIMP software to make changes in the world of digital photos, manipulate graphics and create your own graphics from scratch. The use of common tools such as painbrush, pencils and cloning, in which the application can actually over its competitors, such as Adobe Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. In the full version of Windows generally obtained with various features and functions of the various GIMP-toolnya tool. GIMP provides an easy way to work with tables and stay focused on your desktop.

Further information can be downloaded from GIMP 2.6 for Windows here (while the other versions and platforms, click here)

2. PAINT.NET Digital Photo Editor

Another application is a freeware Windows Paint.net (Windows only). The layout of widgets windows GIMP, Paint.net uses full-size windows with the same type of windows. Most widely and highly customizable layout. This course will give his own ideas for enhancements you want.

The downside to this install paint.net always need to update vsersi away. NET Framework, Microsoft (if not one with SP1 v3.5)

3. Artweaver give Deautsche kreative

Artweaver is one of the creative application of a number of options for how to change or make a nice graphic. Alternatives, such as a different style, fabric, standard effects such as sharpening, blurring, and gives offers bagus.Sudah pen tablet support, of course, the opportunity to work with layers is also shown.

It seems that he and the graphic display. And if you want to try this application, download Artweaver 0:57 for Windows here.

The different categories of the previous editor, the application, of course, this is very pleasant and rewarding. Especially for those who do not want to install editing applications such as those described above. Online version of Adobe Photoshop gives you the opportunity to load an image and modify it as desired. The surplus is better lighting and shadows, or other tools, special effects are great. Photoshop Express is an incredible tool.

4. Photoshop Express Edition Free Web-Based Applications

Adobe understands and will let you try this system without the need to re-register or login. Are you curious? Please try Photoshop Express here.

A drawback of this application is that you can use layers to edit an image a little more professional. But that’s okay, because even then, an important application of 2 Go offers free housing that allows you to edit images. File storage is not big enough?

5. Aviary, vector editing applications for exceptional

Aviary for you lovers of vector graphics, perhaps this is the solution, ciamik to create a chart.

Vectors basically means that their creation is not based on pixels, but the variable of the equation. Because you can not do something small and the size immediately below and without losing any detail. If you want to do this regularly in a JPEG image will acquire all of the view that the vague and imprecise, especially when the image into the text a little.

So here, this tool is almost the same as Adobe Illustrator. According to its inventor, Raven only vehicle manufacturer online tools for free. Wuah, it may be time for you and your design vector can instantly share them online with your colleagues. Is interested. Try Aviary Raven features here.

Therefore, we hope, for testing whether you are really interested in creating your card. Who knows, whenever you need this tool in a time of emergency, right?


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