Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Treat Ps3 Games, Free Services, And South Korea Develops Underwater Robot

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Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Processing play PS3 with Free Service

Until the start time sometimes feels boring. Especially if you happen to arrive early at the airport. Without doubt, now, is very responsible at all if you go to another place where you can just be late due to leave the airport and not arriving on time.

Hong Kong International Airport seem to pay much attention to customer satisfaction. In order to provide better service and want to entertain waiting passengers, the airport has now added 14 PS3 kiosks at the airport, which can be used freely by potential passengers.

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, which provided the highest rank of the fourth international airport. According to an article published in the Moodie Report, passengers at the international airport of Hong Kong on a regular basis for 3 hours waiting for their departure after passing all safety regulations and registration process. With the PS3 game console to the airport, much to relieve the boredom of passengers who must wait long enough.

We have several games like Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2, Final Fantasy XIII games, and Avatar (James Cameron, the film made). Following this game for PS3 playing on a big screen HD, Gran Turismo, so it is mentioned in promotional displays at the airport today.

It seems to make the game on PS3 kiosks at the airport really gives comfort to replace the carpet, it is possible that future passengers will have to wait very comfortable and feels that the moment of departure. We hope that Sony offers to extend the party with the various international airports, or perhaps later on, the Soekarno-Hatta airport can enjoy playing the games even have to accept the late hours of departure. When all the PS3 games can certainly be well to remove any entertainment saturation.

South Korea develops underwater robot

The concept of robots that can operate under water is not just a fiction that can not be achieved. It’s not just a pious thought simple concept, but later the concept is still evolving and is now almost a reality.

As the consequences for the development of robotic technology, more and more sophisticated, providing experts to continue to develop robotic technology to a wider life again. From the simplest to the most canggihpun, every moment seemed to keep appearing at the touch of experts around the world. Thus, it proved how powerful the existence of robotics in the present and future course.

Thus, many experts from different countries participated in this technology compared perobotan robotics. And when it was followed by the number of its neighbors, Japan, recently the state of South Korea reportedly also developed a robot for this technique.

On the basis of the news circulating there, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime South Korea’s reported plans to budget to invest $ 20 billion project won an underwater robot, “which should be completed in 2015. The project is to build a series of robots that are able to handle multiple tasks under the up to 6000 meters of exploration and rescue tasks such as maintenance of sea-water environments of vegetation. The development of robots with the ability to operate in shallow water deep is the first phase of the project and will be completed in 2012. And during the second phase 2013-2015, the robot will be further enhanced to perform functions under the water.

Then the robot under development that can act as a spy, and the government then? Well, we’ll see!


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