Review Assassin Creed Brotherhood

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Hello … News readers, this time we will dissect the game Assassins Creed Broherhood that if the game developers, this will not play in the development of this game of Assassin. Without further ado, at length, see the review below.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Release Date: March 18, 2011
History 80
Game 90
Figure 95
Total 95


The story continues in this sequel to the previous Brotherhood, which is after the end of Creed 2 tracking Murderers, Ezio and his uncle, named Mario returned to the castle of San Gimignano, but peace did not last long. The castle was attacked by Cesare Borgia, killing his uncle and Caterina Sforza was captured. Ezio, who accidentally escaped the attack, returned to Rome and rebuild strength with friends to relieve Caterina and avenge the death of his uncle.


After this game has great game development with a fresh and natural. Ezio will now be able to explore the city of Rome is where the three times larger than the city of Florence, Assassins Creed 2. Now we can ride a horse on a street in the city and not just as a single means of transport, as the horse could be used for the purpose of access to a high wall or jump to stab the enemy. And an arduous journey from one city to another has been eliminated in this sequel.

As is usually the primary mission is nicely decorated, so players can easily understand the history of this game, and some missions have also been configured so with a wide range of exciting action, the plot of Hollywood movies. Like when Ezio train hunting using horses and even Ezio can use Times Roman-style machine guns, using guns, and even manage warships.

In addition to enjoying an exciting main missions. We can follow the side missions are also difficult. Where in the city of Rome, we can control the Borgia tower, scattered throughout the city, in a way to get into the tower which will be heavily guarded by soldiers and our soldiers have to kill the captain and then climb the tower and sabotage the enemy tower. When the tower is successfully controlled, so that we can invest in stores in the region to improve our cash income.

Management functions have been added in this game. where Ezio can now hire friends as a murderer and form a guild. After successfully recruit friends, we can define the type of weapon used, the model’s clothes, and even increase their experience points and skills. can call to kill the targets we have set. Once we scored a goal and pressing the T key on your keyboard to call our friend. When running on the screen finger Murderer menjentikan Ezio suddenly appeared from a corner and then crossed the finish line with a fresh style …. Also, you can call our murderer friends to help us in achieving the mission.

Throughout the city of Rome, we will also find Pigeon aviaries, which is where in ancient times, pigeons used to send messages over long distances. When we have access to the Coop dove, we will be brought to the menu screen to see the list of existing contracts and the mission sent by the killer, because we have successfully recruited in different parts of the world, Barcelona Moscow, London and Paris. recall the mission of every contract has a difficulty level that is different and we must adapt to the experience and the Assassin skill we hire to perform the task successfully. And for his efforts, they will gain experience and money.

Besides the features mentioned above. The multiplayer mode is the first time presented in this game and have a high sale value for the future. Where you can meet and interact with other players around the world in this game. There are several multiplayer modes offered seems quite interesting and challenging, including costs for all modes of Wanted. But unfortunately we have not had time to enjoy the thrill of multiplayer games, due to the elimination of the exclusive internet connection speed. Hehehe …


So far there is nothing surprising in terms of graphics. But one thing that makes me laugh at the fear that is the beauty of the game environment, have worked hard to bring to the city of Rome with complete and detailed models of buildings that do not seem monotonous. The change from morning to night, which adds a finer level of reality in a game that also accompanied the impact on the environment. And at night, there are some people who carry the torch while navigating the streets and streetlights that illuminate the city of Rome was beautiful. Overall, this game is graphically more successful again in this sequel.


For those who have completed the game Assassins Creed is the first and the second, certainly will not be solely by the Brotherhood. In addition, functions such as the growing movement of new tricks, trick up a weapon to attack that most of the major tasks and other activities are fun and challenging to make us feel at home for a long time in front of the screen.


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