How to Stay Safe While Visiting Amusement Parks

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People rarely think of theme parks as a hazardous place to visit. In reality, they almost always are. Unless something unusual happens, nearly everyone who enters a theme park leaves the same as they entered except for a little fatigue. However, there are some dangers that lurk inside theme parks. Some are due to the crowds that inhabit the parks. Some are due to numerous other factors. By taking a few precautions, you can be assured that your adventure in the theme park will be safe and fun.

Keep your kids safe.


Anytime that you go out into a crowded public place, the danger of child abduction is a real threat. Predators like to patrol the places where children may be left unattended long enough to be snatched. While the likelihood of this happening to your children is remote, it should be safety first where children are concerned. Start planning for child safety before leaving home.

Remind your children of the rules. Emphasize the part about caution around strangers including secret words and accepting candy or gifts. For small children who have a tendency to roam, you may want to invest in a child leash. Most people find these to be extreme, but it is better than losing your child.

Follow all of the safety rules on the rides.


Nearly all theme park rides are dangerous. Seat belts, restraints, and warnings about keeping hands and feet inside the vehicle should not be ignored. The high speeds and forces generated by these rides can inflict serious personal harm and death if you choose to tempt fate by failing to heed the rules. Pay attention to warnings about a ride being hazardous for people with certain physical conditions, such as, a bad heart or being pregnant. Make sure that your children also follow the guidelines for safety on each ride.

Watch out for hazards within the theme park.


Most theme parks have numerous things that can cause serious harm if you are not paying attention. The parks work hard to minimize the physical danger to their guests, but not everything can be made totally safe. There have to openings for storm sewers, some curbs, poles for signs and lights, and other everyday items that can cause you harm.

If you are not paying attention, you can twist an ankle or worse by stepping into a hole or sewer. People walk into poles all of the time. Even the fact that the crowd is there presents a danger being bumped and stumbling over something. Some rides, like trains, pass where people are allowed to walk. Be on guard for this type of danger.

Stay alert for your personal safety.


Besides the possibility of hurting yourself on the terrain of the park, lots of unpleasant people find their way into theme parks. On hot days, tempers can flare and lead to others being physically attacked. Especially on the parking lot, thieves can be looking for tourists who are flush with cash to be an easy mark. You could even spark road rage in someone who would try to come after you either in or out of their car. If you keep your head on and use precautions, none of this should become a part of your outing. Stay with the group because there really is safety in numbers.

Avoid flashing valuables where would-be thieves might spot them.


Separate your cash into smaller portions and distribute it into different pockets or split it with responsible family members. This way no one will see large sums of cash being sorted through to pay for souvenirs or food. It will also assure that if you are robbed, you will not lose all of your family’s funds. A theme park is not the place to wear that new gaudy diamond ring. Leave valuables that you do not need at the park locked somewhere out of sight in a safe place.

Take proper care of food that you take to the park or buy there.


Many people go to theme parks during hot or warm weather. This is a terrible time to try to keep food fresh. If you take food to the park with you, take a cooler to keep it fresh. Keep plenty of ice in the cooler to prevent food from spoiling. The last thing you want is food poisoning to ruin a great family outing. You should even use precautions about food purchased inside the park. Do not buy the food until you are ready to eat it. Leaving it lay around will invite germs and insects to become a part of your meal. If you use just a little caution, spoiled food will not become part of your diet for the day.


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