Who Are The People of Libya?

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Are you really sure you know the answer? I guess not. Obviously anyone from Libya is actually a true Libyan. If that is really the case, then why? What was then witnessed in Libya for the past eight months?
A country with an estimated 6 million population with absolute peace and good economic reforms really an emerging power with force to make its a spear-header in the world could actually be brought down to ground-zero due to imperialism and western ‘powers’ trying to re-colonize Africa in different style. This purely modern day slavery with different approach.
The world is indeed funny. In their quest to overthrow a man just a single man, Gaddafi, a mere mortal like all ,look at what iwent on?
Now back to my question? Who are then the people of Libya?
Is all of a sudden the people of Libya made up of the rebels controlling Benghazi and its environs who wanted the exit of Gaddafi? Benghazi and its environs will probably have a population not far exceeding 2 million.
The question therefore is what about the vast majority of Libyans living around Tripoli and its environs? Are they no longer part of the Libyan population?
The almost 4 million population in the west of Libya, including the capital Tripoli whose voices have being drowned the bombs falling on the country, so the world doesn’t hear what they want.
It was only the ‘people of Libya’ in Benghazi we heard about, not ‘the people of Libya’ elsewhere in the country.
It has now come to a point where the government of Libya was now being referred to regime. The ‘regime Of Gaddafi’ whiles moments ago was a recognised government being kissed by Berlusconi, Sarkozy and his cronies.
Mind you those who were singing hosanna to our Lord were those same people shouting crucify him.
In no time Africa will soon become a testing ground for rest of the world to test how powerful they are with their big artileries and war ships.
And in the end, we will become the ‘guinea pigs’ of their selfish interests and their quest to move us back to slavery.

This is just a mere blog indeed trying as much as possible seeking the correct answers at the right time.

Was Gaddafi all that bad?

Was he as useless as he prtrayed him? Does he indeed deserve that shaemeful death?

A man who waschampioning the cause of unity among unity. A man who was once kissed anf hugged by the likes of Sarkozy and his crnies really deserved this?

Please its just a question. Africa and the world indeed has lost a great hero.

                                A  poem dedicated to Gaddafi

hanging in the air
tapping on the pane
than it was before
calling out Gadhafi’s name
pulsing out a beat
like a bulging vein
cutting through the night
like an express train
aching in my head 
bursting in my brain
seeping from his eyes
driving him insane

Gadafi therefore becoming histotry
Amidst loud shouts of
please ‘Don’t shoot me’


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