The Secret Behind High Yeild Investment Programmes

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This is a program that is been run online in other to make people invest in some certain commodities and make extra money they called interest. In the other hand, high yield investment programme is the pooling of resource by people from different part of the world, to invest in a particular commodities e.g. Forex, stock trading, bonds, shares, debenture and betting. Etc. and interest is shared base on your level of capital involvement.

But after much research, it was understood, that this is the worst programme ever seen in the internet. Because it was tasted to be 2% productive and those which belong to the 2% has their interest rate very low and investment plans is for a long period of time.


(1) The entice you with sweet word in other for you to investment with them e.g., invest $50 and become a millionaire in 30 days.

(2) Their investment plan is very rigid. They don’t have any good information about your exit i.e. if you are no longer interested you will loose 80% of your capital if you decide to quit before the maturity date of your investment.

(3) Their paying status is very low. This program is very fraudulent to the extent that they pay selectively or do not pay at all. Most of them shut down their site on the maturity date of people’s investment.

(4) Poor respond to investors I will not forgive goldequity, money island,cash dollars,yourlibertyreserve.Com, Income dollars.Com to mention but a few where I lost my hard earn $200, $1600, $65, $35, and 15 respectively and they never respond to me till today after invest with not talking about of other peoples ugly experiences! But my own experience.

(5) They pay monitors to monitor them falsely. the sites that run Hyips are so fraudulent to the extent that they pay those agencies who claim, that they are acting as a watch dog for them to give them good reputation to go ahead to fraud people e.g. before investing with gold, I read a review on a site that claim to be checkmating them. They stated that the above scam site was doing fine and payment is instant with a click of mouse. But they never responded to me or pay me back my $200 I invested for a profit of $20 in 5 days in 2010.

(6) They are not regulated. Unlike forex trade, where most brokers are registered and regulated by the country’s or international monetary and crime agencies, Hyips is never done like that. No government has pick interest to check them. So


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