Top Alternatives to Google Adsense

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Back in the days, peoples uses crude or accient method to create awareness about a particular thing. But nowadays, due to technological improvement, advertisement has advance to it climax ranging from town crying system, beaten of drums, shooting of local guns etc, to that of online network of computers.

You can imagine information can be spread to 25million peoples within the space of 2 minutes, with just a click of mouse!

Online advertisement is the latest, cheapest and fastest means of creating awareness about any particular thing. It is done through many ways and forms. But in this article, we shall be reviewing the top online advertisers from list of others.

(1)Google Adsense: This is the best online advertiser, they are very good, secure and fast means of communicating with the world. With adsense, the little space by the side of page is not in vain once your website is been created, and your site is gaining popularity, Google helps you to earn a living by placing an advert by the left, right, top or bottom corner of your site. Your work is just to publish a rich content that is interesting to people and once people review or click on their advert they will pay you some percentage, paid by the sponsorer of that advert. Adesense is the best method to monetize your page and they pay by check at the end of every month.

(2)Addynamo: This is another advertisement site similar to google adsense, they are new to the system, and they resides at South Africa Addynamo pays you 50% revenue gotten from the advert on your page: they pay through Check and credit card. I have been with them for sometime now, they are among the best and their social network is also interactive, they pay promptly and render assistance when needed

(3)Chitika: This is also another site that I have not regretted of associating with, they are good, secured and fast way of monetizing your page. Chitika is a data analytics company which is in the business of on-line advertising. By the application of data and innovative technology in the fields of mobile, local and search. Chitika has developed a large global network that maximizes yield for both publishers and advertisers

One advantage they have over others is that they let you choose ad that you like most. You can also bid on any ad you want and get paid. Their customer care is also prompt on calls.

These three advertisers are the best for now; they have been tried and found worthy. Although there are other sites which are also good. But are not the best because most of them having poor response to customers, poor rate per click or view and means of payment not clearly stated. Further research will also be conducted to know if any of the latest sites is doing better than the above stated, and we will also inform the public about their performance.


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