Deal With It: People Are Different

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     Wherever on this planet you live, you will always come in contact with people who are not like you. Even though those people you meet along your life’s journey are different than you, doesn’t mean they don’t want to be treated with kindness and respect.

     There will always be people who have different values than you have. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily criminals or some kind of evil doer. Having different values doesn’t make them less of a person.

     Some people in this world will have a physical or mental disability. A disability doesn’t make the person less human or feel less than you do. The person with any type of disability just has a harder life than those who don’t have a disability.

     Every person you meet will not always have your same religious views. There are many different kinds of religions on this wonderful planet of ours. Everyone has the right to believe in what they believe and have faith or no faith in.

     People in different countries and different parts of your own country may not have the same background in education as you do. Some will definitely have less of an education as you do, while others will have more than you do. Even if you and someone else have the same college degree doesn’t necessarily make your education background the same. Many people’s kindergarten through high school education years are different than others. No matter what a person’s education background is doesn’t make them less of or more of a person than you are. It just makes them different.

     Wherever your life’s journey is taking you there will be people you meet who are straight, gay/lesbian, or bi-sexual. No matter what your sexual preference is, don’t put someone else’s preference down or condemn them for it. The way a person is sexually makes them happy and they SHOULD NOT be condemned for being happy. A person has the right to have sex with anyone they want as long as their sex partner agrees to it.

     This planet of ours will always have people who walk a different walk than you do. Don’t ever condemn others for not being like you. Each and every person around you, even those you don’t see, has the right to live the way they want to. Every person has the right to be happy and live without someone putting them down or harrassing them. It’s all about RESPECT, KINDNESS, and allowing others to live their life happy and content.


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