The Benefits of Omega 3 (Health And Nutrition)

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Omega 3 is an essential element for your body so that without it, will not be able to live a healthy life. Scientific research has also shown the various benefits. Essential fatty acids available in different sources actually helps the body stay safe and protected at all times. Doctors also prescribe Omega 3 in food or as supplements for patients suffering from different diseases, pregnant women or even a healthy person.

These essential fats are found in different sources, both plants and fish. Fish is a major source of it. Fish oils extracted from fatty fish like salmon and other fish provides Omega 3. The fish oil supplements also the source of this essential element.

Omega 3 benefits are many and can be obtained by the addition of foods containing these fats in your diet. Among the many benefits of this fat particular, the following benefits are significant –

* It protects against cardiovascular problems
* Improved heart health
* Improves joint health
* Improved the behavior and moods, and even ADHD
* Assist in the development of fetal brain during pregnancy
* It inhibits some cancer cells

Benefits for the heart

Researchers have found that omega 3 benefits for the human heart in various ways. The evidence of such benefits have been well documented. According to research institutions, everyone should eat fatty fish like salmon twice a week.

Eseential This acid also improves heart health and further reduces the risk of cardiac complications. People who regularly take these fats have much lower rates of heart attack according to many studies.

This nutrient in combination with niacin and vitamin E helps to improve the antioxidant capacity in the human body. Reduce the agents involved in cellular inflammation. This also reduces fat tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha).

Scientists have also found that it can improve attention span and can help improve the conditions of ADHD in adolescents. It is the persistent problems of impulsivity, attention and concentration.

Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for normal brain development and nerve and eye on your body. All the benefits of Omega 3 are received primarily from DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

This acid also improves eye health by reducing macular degeneration in people over 50 years. It also reduces PMS symptoms like cramps in women. Improves skin and hair health. Other benefits include protecting the skin from skin disorders and damage of UV exposure.


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