Ask Your Local Vet For Reliable Pet Advice

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When you buy a pet, it would need a deal of looking after. It can be important to know exactly what your pet needs so as to be healthy and content. A sensible vet can do much to improve the state of health of your dog. Correct vaccinations and neutering at an early age are simply 2 such things you can do. Vaccinations for dogs are totally essential in order to ensure that your pet doesn’t pick up a serious sickness in its first few months.

Vaccinations for dogs begin when your pet is only some weeks old, so the sooner you come into contact with a vet, and ask their advice regarding vaccinations and neutering, the better. Vaccinations guard against a variety of sicknesses, including distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus. All these could make a young puppy very ill or in several cases could cause death. Your vet should administer vaccinations for dogs before your dog is taken for walks, or allowed outside.

Another downside is the huge range of animals that are not neutered. Unnecessary puppies could be a problem to re-home and are a real drain on time and money in the initial days of life. Desexing puppies is a easy process that can prevent unnecessary pups and can even avoid animals from escaping and attempting to find mates. This in turn reduces problems like crossing main roads, escaping parks or other places where dogs need to be kept on a lead.

The other benefits of desexing dogs includes reducing the hormones that make male dogs a lot aggressive, and can cause female dogs to go on ‘heat’, which can sometimes be uneasy for the owners. Male dogs in specific will not be as easy to manage unless they have been neutered. Several owners of dogs like to have their dogs desexed at an early age to ensure that they do not ‘miss’ it, while others leave the desexing of their dogs for a few months, to let the dog to mature properly. Our proposal is that desexing dogs is best done at 6 months of age.

Gordon Veterinary Hospital was established in 1970 and is well-established as one of the best equipped veterinary facilities on the North Shore. We have developed an excellent reputation amongst our clients and colleagues for exceptional pet health care. Our vets all have a minimum of 10 years experience and treat cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice and birds.


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