Wall Street, Oakland Protests And The Next-

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Wall Street, Oakland protests and the next-

We al know how the Arab Spring and Wall Street processions began and spread all over the world, conflict between 1% and 99%. How could we understand it in the sociological point of views, let’s see:

In total I would like to point out 16 observations and comments-

  1. The protest began at the heart of Capitalist society; we could call it at the center of the hub of Capital financial institutions. ‘Wall Street’, New York. Slogan was ‘occupy Wall Street’.

  2. Three main issues were: Corporate corruptions, discriminations, and unemployment adding the Obama’s controversial financial bail out package to rescue corporates at the cost of poor people. Cutting off social welfare.

  3. No big political or social leadership were behind the organizing or backing up the movement. This was a self-spontaneous social movement. Social networking is the main tool and media in communicating the messages. This makes all the protesters a leader, initiator and over all ownership was belonging to all the individuals, as the Poet Tagore says, ‘We all are the kings in this kingdom’.

  4. This is a unique movement, very different from all other historical movements in the history. Historically the movements are normally took place in the poorest countries where people revolted after the deprivation limit crossed the limit, and people had no other ways but to protest and fight, i.e., knows as class struggle or conflicts between classes- rich vs. poor, haves vs., have-nots. Not to mention, the movements were led by ideology or either Marxist or Maoist. This time the movement is different- the consent or agreement in mentality and believing is acting behind the molecule of this movement. Literally speaking, this movement is for the people, by the people and of the people indeed.

  5. If there is no Internet, no such movement could be organized.

  6. The weaknesses of the movement could be mentioned as – the negative characteristic. In fact this is a protest against existing capitalistic system of economy. Many people from many point of views have got together in this movement, none of them have long term programs to achieved in a planned way. All want to fight against the corporates but the means are not known to them. Since at this moment it is still based on emotions, spontaneous, unplanned and quick reactive- the ultimate end of this movement is doubtful and somewhat vulnerable. A Strong political force and leadership could make it much more progressive and effective in a way to social change. So, it is at this moment it is at the verge of a cross road- could bring about anarchy, good fruits or go astray!

  7. The protest was mainly begun against the Wall Street on the 17th September 2011 where only 200 protesters joined. At that moment the government was inerted and didn’t bother. But the protests continued on and on. In the mean time bad economy prompted more protesters to join and did not stop the government’s rule to call off by 14th October 2011, the protest or face the consequences. As per law the protesters have the right to stay and protest, so the government backed off. And this 200 became the heroes in the history.

  8. The slogans were also significant like, ‘occupy Wall Street’, Occupy Tokyo, Occupy Madrid and so on are sounds like revolutionary slogans challenging the existing capitalistic system. These kinds of slogans were never pronounced before.

  9. People from all walks of life joined this movement- Black, white, aborigines, veterans, gays, peace workers etc. Middle and lower middle class along with poor have supported this movement with their heart and soul. Moreover, some government officials who are relatively humanitarian in nature have also expressed their supports to the movement. In Sydney’s movement Business union has joined the movement. Taiwanese corporate semi conductor manufacturing union’s president also supported this program. Moral supports from media and national heroes also have expressed their supports to this program.

  10. The first ever call for this protest came out from the site called ’15 October Net’. But before that the world has long been found to be ready for this call. We should not forget in this movement the instrument and the instrument players are the same people.

  11. The one most important positive slogan we see in this protest is- ‘empowerment of people, want real democracy’. 

  12. We all know that when it cross the border the most restraint government also could turn into more fascist form. Same happened when we see the ‘Occupy Boston procession’ began marching through ‘Rose Kennedy Greenway at 1:30pm, and hundreds of policemen started attacking the marchers, which enhanced the pace of the movement. 

  13. After this even the protesters planned to organize another march against the Millionaires, which is termed as ‘Millionaire March’. Mainly Trade Union or Workers’ class families are the premier contributor and participators in these processions. 

  14. The US government is now providing with financial assistances to those corporates who have already get benefited from the last economic downfall. Huge government subsidies have been offered to those corporates, which contributed to the budget deficit to US$14 trillion. Although Obama has declared to reduce the deficit by US$ 4 trillion every coming years. Don’t ask how? What Obama is doing is cutting off budget from Health, insurance, education and social welfare, which are badly affecting the lower or vulnerable classes of the society. That’s why these classes are fomenting their anguishes in a way of political movement and protests.

  15. This new movement is till now lack in financial supports from government, donor agencies or corporations, although bribing the movement cannot be overruled. If suppression cannot be wiped out the rising ups, greed might!

  16. Overall situation is- may be a new era is just born, the era of ‘post modern revolution’.  Whatever name it is given, whatever term be used-it must be for the people and of the people. The definition of democracy would be more wide and deep- meaning democracy will be implicated in the domain of economic, social, political, and cultural and so on. Democracy in all aspects and respects would be the change, so far we can expect!


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