Extended Stay Hotels – Things You Should Know

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Extended stay hotels are a great temporary housing option when you need to stay in Edmonton for a length of time that is too short to rent an apartment. Besides the various conveniences offered by the hotel, you can also enjoy significant savings. Hotels offering this facility are usually located ideally with easy access to the city’s main attractions and are practically a home away from home.

Some of the popular reasons one might consider an extended stay hotel are:

  • Long business trip extending to a few weeks

  • Short or long term work assignments

  • Relocating and looking for interim accommodation while you find an apartment

  • Need a place to stay between apartment rentals

  • A place to stay during home repairs or home renovations

  • Vacation rental

With an extended stay hotel arrangement, you get fully furnished accommodation and all you need to do is pack a bag with your personal essentials and arrive at the extended stay hotel and everything else is taken care of.

What facilities can you expect at an extended stay hotel?

The rooms are more spacious than the standard hotel rooms and comfortable. You also have a choice of accommodation depending on the number of guests you are with and your budget. The room has all the modern amenities such as a television, access to a health spa or pool, high speed internet access, voice mail, a work station, launderette, kitchen with a microwave and stove, bed and bath linen and so on. While you have the option at dining at the hotel’s own restaurants you can also whip up a quick meal in your own kitchen, or simply visit one of the numerous restaurants in the area.

If you are using an extended stay hotel on a business trip, you can easily work out of your accommodation and also use the hotel’s meeting room and conference facilities to conduct your business meetings or a get together. At the end of a long day, to help you relax, these hotels have recreational facilities such as a bar and a lounge.

Extended stay hotels have excellent housekeeping facilities, often at no extra charge.  Most hotels are pet friendly, so you do not have to worry about finding a temporary home for your pet.If you are in the process of moving into Edmonton, these hotels usually have large parking facilities where you can safely park your vehicle with your belongings. This is especially relevant when you are moving to Edmonton and find for some unexpected reason, your apartment is not yet ready.

Extended stay hotels in Edmonton also offer a choice of payment methods such as the pay as you go option or a weekly rate, depending on how long you plan to stay. Either way, it is much more economical to choose an extended stay hotel with all the flexibility and comfort it offers.


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