Hotel & Lodge Tipping – Do You Have to Tip at an All Inclusive Hotel or Lodge?

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Tipping at hotels and lodges is a way to show one’s appreciation for services rendered by the staff on duty. Some all-inclusive Alberta hotel and lodging rules specify that “gratuities” or tips are included in the tariff. What does one do in such a case?

All inclusive hotel and lodging charges include the room tariff, your meals, recreational activities on the premises and tips. Depending on the hotel you choose, trips around the area, alcohol and other local activities could be a part of the package.

Technically, you need not offer a tip at all-inclusive resorts as they add it in the total cost. Some hotels expressly forbid it. Consequently, it is a nice gesture to tip staff related to services that do not form a part of the package deal. This includes baggage personnel, the tour guide and if you are off to a golf resort, the golf caddies and so on.

Although it is not mandatory, a majority of guests prefer to tip. The staff at most of these hotels earn minimum wage or less since it is assumed that they will make up their earnings in the form of tips from guests. They work hard to keep their guests comfortable and happy and offering a tip is a nice way to thank them. Often, guests end up getting along so well with some of the staff that the one way to gift them is with a tip. Obviously, the staff takes much better care of guests who are generous.

If You Do Decide to Tip

Next is the question of how much to tip, if you have decided to do it. While most people offer what seems fair to them, some have standard norms and prefer to pay a percentage of the bill as a tip. It is a good idea to have some small bills handy so that it is easy to tip.

Once you decide to tip even if the all-inclusive hotel and lodging does not encourage it, who should you tip and when? If you visit the bar, tip the bar man and waitress. Do it when you receive your first drink so that you don’t have to worry about it later. When you go into the restaurant to eat, offer your waiter a tip. In most places, waiters are assigned tables to attend and if you, like most people, tend to occupy the same table every day, chances are you will be served by the same waiter.  Tip him when you eat there for the first time. Most waiters will take extra care of you after that and remember your preferences. At the Alberta hotel and lodging, leave a tip for the housekeeping staff that makes sure your room is neat and clean every day. Always show your appreciation in cash directly to the person it is meant for.

While you really don’t have to tip the waiter who carried your bags to your room at the all-inclusive Alberta hotel and lodging, it is perfectly okay if you want to.


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