30M Wave at Nazaré Has Been Surfed, New Record Beaten

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A new record has been beaten by Garret Mc Namara an Hawaian, at Nazaré, Portugal.

Mc Namara has been able to surf a 30 Meters high wave one of the biggest surfed so far, at least in Portugal is definitly a record, it all happened at Nazaré in Portugal on the 1st of November 2011, during the ZON North Canyon project 2011.

This was not the First time Mc Namara has surfed several big waves, but this one he states that was the biggest one that he has surfed and he´s very happy that he was able to be in Nazaré and to get the huge wave.

“I feel so blessed and honoured to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery”, says Garrett.

Nazaré is a small city in the Portuguese coast, and usually on their beaches the waves are prety normal, this is not very common in Portugal, I can really say that this was a surprise for the Portuguese people, but on this particular beach (North Beach), due to a seismic failure known as the Nazaré Canon, the waves grow a lot more and is very usual to see this kind of huge waves, these are very appreciated by the surfers but no all of them have the courage to get into the water to be able to get into these waves it’s very common to have boat or helicopters pushing the surfers to the midle of the water. To be able to catch this wave Mc Namara has been pulled by a boat that has left him alone fighting that big water wall.

Check out the amazing video:

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If you seach the web you’ll find a lot more videos of this sucess story that was on the news all over Portugal and oppennig the Tv news.

Amazing isn’t it? just imagine what would have happened if he had fallen in the middle of that monster wave.

I’m Portugueses and I’ve never seen such a big wave, one thing I’m sure you’ll not get me in there.

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