The Importance of Customer Care

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I went to a departmental store and was purchasing my monthly provisions. The arrangement of things was not properly done and I could not find the item I was searching for. So I enquired the sales girl where the item I was searching for was. Her answer was abrupt to say the least and again in the cash counter there was not enough staff to cater to the customers. There was long queue and it was noisy with customers getting impatient with the slowness of everything. I paid the bill after a long wait and went home vowing not to go to that departmental stores ever again.

What was lacking in that departmental store? It was the complete lack of customercare which made the store not a worthy place to shop. It is no use if you decorate your shop or your office tastefully and not provide what the customer wants. The customer is capable to feel the truthfulness of your care and if he feels you deliver what he expects from you, you never lose him. But when he feels that you are not the right person for him, you lose him that second.

If there is a complaint brought to you by the customer, you should keenly listen to him and see things from his viewpoint. If you were in his place, would you make the same complaint? If so there is truth in what the customer says and you should rectify it. You should tell the customer that you would look into the problem and that the customer will see and feel it in his next visit. Be courteous and thank the customer for his feedback. This sort of feedback is essential for you to improve your customercare.

Never underestimate the word to mouth publicity your customer is bound to give if he is satisfied. The effect slowly snowballs and you will find new customers coming in. You should also be wary of one single complaint as this too will make you lose a valuable customer as well as customers he would have brought if he was satisfied.

Your employees should be given instructions as to how to behave with the customers. They should be educated on what your business is all about and the types of customer that it would bring. They should be able to answer the eager queries of the customer and there should be no false information as it will be conveyed to the customer and your business will be stored in his mind as fake.

Be prepared to take back any product which the customer feels is not up to the mark. If you argue with him, you will lose business of much more money than the product he returned. The employees should not indulge in petty talks among themselves when the customers are there as it makes the customer irritated and annoyed. There should be an air of professionalism that conveys the message of sincerity to the customers.

It will take you a long time to get a regular customer and a second is enough to lose him. Your business depends on customers and the magic of retaining the customer depends entirely on the service you are going to render. When the customer feels that he has been provided excellent service, he does not keep it to himself. He tells his friend and that friend tells some more and gradually the number of customers’ branch out to make your business flourish and all this is because of the magic of your customer care.


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