Drug Addiction- Handling And Dealing With it

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Drug addiction is a very complex disorder which plays havoc with your brain system. Why do people take to drugs even when they know they will be affected physically, mentally and socially? There are many factors that show case drug addiction .The first and foremost is a feeling of emotional insecurity.

 When does a person become emotionally insecure? If the person does not have the love and care of his family, he tends to deviate away from them. He becomes a gullible victim to his friends who give a false feeling of emotional security, pulling him down into the gutter of drug addiction.

 Consistent failure in business ventures, or examination, combined with family’s criticism makes a person feel unwanted. He develops a feeling of inferiority complex and using drugs like marijuana gives him a false feeling of hope and happiness.

Parents of today do not spend enough of quality time with their children. They are very mechanical and the conversation they have with their children lacks friendliness and open hearted inter- action. The children should have the feeling they have a friend in their parents. Parents should be a pillar of strength to their children. No children who are enveloped in true parental love will wander into the quicksand life of drug addiction.

Bad friends also contribute to the children’s pathetic drug addiction. Most of the time drugs are used experimentally out of compulsion from friends. It gives them a false sense of elation. The feeling of floating in the air makes them crave for more. The brain gets confused and makes the person who is taking drugs impossible to get over the habit. He is pulled deeper and deeper into an abyss of destruction.

What started as an experiment now becomes a compulsion. The parents should recognize their son\daughter’s drug addiction and make an immense effort to pull him\her out of it before it is too late. What are the symptoms that point to drug addiction? You might feel your son\daughter withdrawing from the family and spend most of the time behind locked doors when at home.

 Precious things and money go missing and now you should become immediately alert as these are pointers towards drug addiction of your children. His\her slipshod way of dressing and complete lack of interest in grooming is yet another symptom that should not be ignored. Tapering school attendance, averting eye contact and blood shot eyes should ring a warning bell in parent’s brain.

When the parents come to know of their children’s drug addiction they become shattered.

They have a helpless and hopeless sort of feeling. The first thing a parent should do is to stabilize their mental equilibrium and steel themselves to bring their children out the rut they have fallen. Do not go into a confrontation with your children. Rather it would be better to show your children that they have a friend in you whom they can trust and hold on to.

There are rehabilitation centers that can help your children to see reason and with your guidance and immense patience chances of your children recovering are high. Even after recovering it is essential that parents inter act with their children in a friendly manner. You earn for the betterment of your children and it is tragic that parents put money in front of love, care and emotional security. It is better to prevent than to cure. Be your children’s best friend and a child who has true parental love can and never will stray into the slush of drug addiction


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