notorious B.I.G

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this film tell about a big rapper stars life,christhopher wallace a.k.a Biggie, whitch is the most popular artist in hip-hop.Filming one of the character his name biggie,who died in 1997 in gun fighting until now is become mistery unbreakable story.he was 24 years old at the time,the story start from Biggie in the top popularity like always present at any award.his song always dominate all music chart and he always make a lot of money from his album and he is very rich rapper artist at the time,his friendship with P.Diddy and his enamy Tupac Shakur has become a story.staring jamal woolard his act very good in that film and describe many thing about Biggie life at the time.suggestion for all the fans Notorious B.I.G must see this movie because this is a great movie to watch.directed by george tillman jr produce by fox search light pictures i hope this movie is become a good choice for you and your thing you should know that you can take good positive story from this story and don’t take all negative story from this movie.i impresss for this film and two tumbs up for wife and i always see this movie together when i have many time at home,we loved this movie very much and put this one to my favourite film collection in my home and i always share every good film with my friend and my naighbor.and you know what they loved too and always borrow that cds to me.


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