How To Make Buttons From Polymer Clay

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Buttons are a very popular choice for polymer clay, they are fairly easy to make and very little can go wrong.

You will need: Polymer clay

Craft knife

Cutter (bottle cap, or something round to cut the shape with)

A coin or a paperclip.

A needle

Step 1: Roll a log of clay to a 8mm length and cut it into equal lengths.

Step 2; Roll the cut pieces into balls and press onto your clean surface.

Step 3: Press the balls down so that they become flat. You may wish to use a board or a book so that they clay is pressed evenly.

Step 4: Cut the shapes using the cutter you have.

Step 5: Make an indentation in the centre of the button using the coin or paperclip. What you use will depend on the effect you want.

Step 6: Pierce holes in the appropriate place using the needle.

Step 7: Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 130 degrees C

Marbled Buttons.

A beautiful marbled effect can be created by using two or more colour to make the same button.

You will need: Polymer clay in the colours of your choice

Crafts knife


Coin or paperclip

Step 1: Roll 3mm logs of your chosen colours (you can use as many as you want but for this example I will use 2)

Step 2: Roll these logs together until you have a thinner log. Fold this in half and roll again.

Step 3: continue this until you have the desired marbled effect.

Step 4: Cut the new log into equal lengths and roll again to make it longer,curl it round to form a loop.

Step 5: Press down on the loop (again, you may want to use a book to ensure it is even) and mold the clay so it is as round as possible.

Step 6: Make the indentation with the coin or paperclip and pierce the holes with the needle.


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