Living together

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So you’ve decided to make the big step of moving together with him. It is practically just like being married.
There for I would advice all the couples to make first this step before the wedding.

Living together it can be like some kind of practice for the marriage. You try it on and see if your
personalities match together or not. It is not an easy thing to do. Each has their little things that the other might not accept.

He throws his clothes on the floor and she was used since a little girl to always keep the house nice and clean.
The first weeks of living together are crucial. Communication is very important. Try to explain with calm to each other what disturbs you.

Some things though just can’t change. Do not forget that the force of custom is very powerful.

When you were dating you could see just the good side of one another. Now that you’ve learned everything and you are able to close your eyes and accept the little bad habits, you definitely stand a chance to be happy together.

When we love somebody we love him for what he is, so don’t try to change him too much. Both persons in a couple should learn how
to live with each other while keeping their personalities.

If you fight from every little thing your home will become a battle field.
Small compromises both partners have to make. At a younger age this can be made a lot easier than if you’re older.
As you go through life you make your own of life style and it will be difficult to make changes for somebody else.

At the end of a hard day at work you should get back at home at your love, your best friend!


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