My dreams

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My dreams

I remember those days
Beautiful, relaxing and full of play,

The place where i prepared for life’s race
No tension, no depression,
just the marks to chase

Finally a goal was set to achieve
dreams were in eyes to trust and to believe

Then came the days, the unforgettable one
Tough tasks which made me stun

That was the time which made me realize
In this world only fittest survive

I forgot this beautiful world,
only the aim was awaited
Finally i was rewarded
The day came which was much awaited

Life seemed heaven, the world wonderful
Both the earth and sky were mine
Happiness of success
intoxicated me like wine

But who knew the destiny
the strong, the mighty, the winy

My dreams shatter
in a second i couldn’t understand
what happened and what was the matter

Why it happened to me?
Future was dark and nothing to see

Someone in middle, betrayed me,
without any reason, without any plea

I buried my dreams
somewhere in the graveyard of my heart
But they have not died so beautiful,
so decorated

Somewhere they breathe……….
Somewhere they survive………..
Somewhere they grow……………
Somewhere they say……………..

Trust us
We are the same so love & cared by you
See, it’s the same Earth & the sky blue

Trust us
We are the same
Only you have changed
Only you have changed………….


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