Bambang Pamungkas Said That He Was Failure to Bring Glory For Indonesian Football

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Indonesian National football lovers would agree if the Indonesia national team over the last decade synonymous with Bambang Pamungkas. Bepe is the national team mascot or icon.

Since 1998, players born in Quezon City, June 10, 1980 although it has been dressed in national team at junior level. Achievement and bepe natural talent took him to the senior national team next year.

Now, more than 12 years, bepe has costumed Red and White. 31-year striker has always expressed his passion to defend the Red and White. Striker is only strengthened in the international league Persija Indonesia will always be ready to be called national team and has not wanted to take off costume Red and White.

According to bepe, defending the Red Team White finished an honor. He calls the only national team coach who could make him retire. Although it will trigger controversy.

“Actually, I myself think there was never any National Team player for good. Until the AFF final match against Malaysia, it is my to-80 caps. And I think it was the last one for me. Because, I think I do not know when it will be called again or not, “said bepe.

Bepe did prove the quality is still evident coach Alfred Riedl classmate and now Wim Rijsbergen in the national team. Moreover, both coaches were still gives confidence to put the armband on the sleeve bepe.

“I always point out to me, that I will never resign from the national team. Whatever the circumstances. As for me, it is an honor. A profession that made me to be here, and made me known to many people. It’s part of the appreciation I am big on football, “continued bepe.

“So, I never wanted to resign. What could stop me from playing the national team coach. When the coach says ‘thank you for your cooperation Bambang, you are no longer needed.’ That means my career is finished. It can happen anytime, “said 31-year player.

So far, bepe is so players who has a collection of the most caps in the Team Red and White. He also still play in the Pre World Cup 2014 against Iran, Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

“To be sure, if you play against Iran, it’s so-92 caps to me to Indonesia. A long journey full of joy and sorrow, without any title, which until now I still pursue. Over the past 12 years defending the national team, no league I give. Some private titles ever, but for the team has never been. “

“If there are colleagues who read my blog, I’ve said, when I’ll stop playing for the national team and I do not give any degree, I myself would say out loud I was a generation that failed. And I is consistent with what I said is , “continued bepe.

Concerned about the national team

Bepe for failure to present his national team for 12 years as a bitter note. The more bitter because at the end of his career which is now BP strengthen national team suffered defeats in four games PPD 2014. He also claimed to shame with the results achieved by his team.

“We have to admit being in a situation that is not either. That is four defeats in a row is a sad thing, too embarrassing. However, I’m sure there’s nothing anyone wanting to lose in football,” said bepe during a press conference at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta Monday, November 14, 2011.

“We’ve done our best to win games. But, indeed the results are not optimal. A lot of things that I think affects the performance of this team,” said the bomber Persija.

Bepe said, to face strong teams like Iran, Bahrain and Qatar, it takes a solid team. However, it is not owned Indonesian national team. According to him, a lot of little things that disrupt the harmony in the squad Garuda.

“You probably can imagine how we deal with Pre-event for the World Cup with players who do not have the status of flight hours, playing every week and have no competition,” he said.

“I believe this great difficulty for the coach. When the coach wants the player to change the material, but he had no other choice. Since the league does not play, so no other players are ready. And it’s also a great PR for Indonesian football,” he said.

Bepe coach Wim Rijsbergen actually defended the continued reviled people of Indonesia. According to bepe, Indonesia is not the fault of poor achievement Wim one.

“I’ve heard in cyberspace many are blaming Wim. But, I personally think this is all our fault. That is, of course as a coach he is responsible according to his portion. But, I as a captain of the team and their colleagues should also be responsible for this result . In my opinion, all the components of the team should be responsible, including the PSSI, “said bepe.

Indonesia still leaves the last two games against Iran and Bahrain in the 2014 World Cup event Prequalification. According to the assistant national team coach, Liestiadi, against Iran in SUGBK, Tuesday, November 15, 2011 to be the best opportunity for bepe and friends to get first points


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