How to avoid domestic violence

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                                    How to avoid domestic violence

We see them around us, strong intelligent women, with a great job and everybody seems to love them.
What we don’t know about them is that at home they are living in terror.

The man is abusing and even hitting her. This is horrible and should never happen.
The sad truth is that it does and most of the times the victim is too ashamed to admit to her
friends and family what is going on in her life. This is a huge mistake; he is the one who should be
ashamed if everybody finds out!

He can get crazy and hit her for any little reason. At one point the women starts to believe that may be
it is really her own fault, just like he keeps telling her.

Don’t forget that respect is the most important thing in a relationship. Love doesn’t exist without it.
So under no circumstances should exist any domestic violence!

If you suspect that one of your friends is living this hell don’t hesitate talking to her.
At beginning it might be difficult to open up but by talking to a friend she will get courage to make a
change in her life. This way she will understand that she deserves better, a man to love and respect her.

Often these kinds of men cry and beg for forgiveness the next day, they swear that will never happen again.
If the women still loves him, she will hope that it is true. Sadly they can’t change most of the time.



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