How to stay up all day if you’ve been up all night

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                             How to stay up all day if you’ve been up all night

I am sure we all experienced at least once in our life a situation when after staying up all night working or partying, the next day instead of resting you had to be fresh and awake.

This is a very difficult thing to succeed but not impossible. One important issue is that if you have just one more hour until you normally have to get out of bed then it is better not to sleep at all anymore. If you get just very little rest then you will feel a lot more tired the moment you wake up.
Also you are taking the risk to wake up a lot later.

So instead of sleeping in that hour you can drink a strong black coffee and take a shower. What will definitely  wake you up is if you use in the shower  first hot water and in the end a bit of cold water. A wave of new found energy will come into your body.

During the day try to have as many energizing drinks as possible. Eating also gives you energy. It is well known that sugar helps a lot when we are tired.
If you eat chocolate or candies you will feed your body with energy and it will also help you concentrate better at your work or at meeting.

Avoid alcohol because it will make you feel weak and even more tired.

It is not healthy  to lose sleep and there for fruits and vegetables will give you the vitamins you need to get over such a day with success.


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