Natural Remedies for Curing Dental Caries

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Dental Caries or tooth decay is considered to be the most common diseases of modern age that is caused by the excessive intake of processed foods which are too sweet and too soft. It is one of the major causes of loss of teeth. It is characterized by bacteria induced progressive destruction of the organic and mineral compounds of the dentine and enamel, the two outer tooth layers.

The first symptom of tooth decay is sensitivity to hot and cold substances in the mouth and also the pressure from biting. Later there is a severe pain due to the formation of abscess at the base of the tooth. There may be a shooting, sharp constant pain and if not properly treated the tooth will eventually have to be extracted.

The main cause of dental caries is a faulty diet. The most common cause of this disease is the consumption of refined carbohydrates, cakes, soft drinks, pastries and sugar in any form. Insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins may also contribute to this disease.

The particles of food which accumulate between the crevices of teeth may provide a good atmosphere for the growth of bacteria which than attack the surface of the teeth. Once the enamel has been eroded away the body of the tooth is more easily damaged.

Nature Cure for Tooth Decay: The treatment of dental caries should first commence by removing the decayed regions of the teeth and filling the cavities. If the cavities have reached the pulp it becomes essential to remove the affected tooth.

Proper cleaning of the teeth is also necessary for the removal of plaque and maintenance of sparkling teeth. After every meal the mouth should be properly and thoroughly gargled with water to remove the accumulated food particles. The teeth should be properly brushed in the morning once with a good toothpaste gently for at least two minutes and without any hurry. This also provides a good massage to the gums.

Normally a good fluoridated toothpaste should be used for brushing, as fluoride helps to strengthen the outer enamel which makes the teeth less susceptible to decay.

Diet also plays a very important role in dental health. After the formation of teeth the condition of teeth depends upon the food one eats. Dental decay can be prevented by an appropriate diet. The diet should include plenty of whole meal bread and raw vegetables. Whole foods are ideally good. Sesame seeds and Millet being extremely rich in calcium are also good for the teeth.

Foods such as sweets, white flour products, white sugar and refined foods should be avoided as fibreless refined foods allow particles to accumulate on the teeth.

Onions are considered to be effective in the prevention of tooth decay. It is said that chewing raw onions for four minutes is sufficient to kill the germs in the mouth. Placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gums also helps in allaying toothache.

Regular consumption of apples also helps in preventing tooth decay as they possess a mouth cleansing property and the acids in the apple also exert an antiseptic influence upon the germs present in the mouth and teeth when it is thoroughly chewed.

Lime and Lemon are also helpful in promoting healthy gums and teeth due to their Vitamin C content. They strengthen the gums and the teeth and are very effective in curing acute inflammation of the gums. They should therefore form a basic part of diet.

It is also necessary to plan the time schedule for meals. Eating frequent small snacks are very harmful to the teeth as they produce an acid medium in which the bacteria thrive. It is better to eat sweets at the end of meal rather than between meals.

Thus it can be said that natural remedies have been found to be very effective in the treatment of tooth decay and other related disorders.


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