Rockets, like to fight like men!

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I appreciated the most is the campaign NBA!
My favorite NBA team is the Houston Rockets!
98 years, the Jordan, let me know and fall in love with a fanatical NBA, trapeze with his magical performance to conquer the basketball lovers all over the world!
After Jordan retired, and the other basketball stars dominated my life!
He is a giant from China: Yao Ming!
Jordan he did not look handsome, bouncing beyond the Earth and the charm Let me crazy, but he was deeply attracted me!
Because of his humble, mature, stable, humor, loyalty and a love heart!
From entering the NBA after Yao Ming has played for Rockets, rockets have been dedicating his youth for seven years!
Although the rocket a few years ago can not be very satisfied with the performance, but it has always been an important part of my life part of the game every day concerned about the rocket is my required course, I cheered their victory, for their failure is low!
After the Rockets this year, a major injury and replacement of staff based on the play a very good performance, which let me look for them, I feel they are really mature, I think performance should be the time to harvest!
Intense is about to start the playoffs, the Rockets also adjust their status, not an accident, I would like to rocket should be achieved in order to enter the western third of the playoffs, and this is a great achievement, but also a very good qualifying session!
Regardless of their rivalry with face, I believe they have the confidence and ability to beat them!
I am really optimistic about this year, you, rockets, fuel it, like a man, like to fight, because you are the leader Yao Ming! He is the highest league of the big strong man!
There are, like me, support the rocket friend?
Let us work together for them filling it!


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