Beauty of Biology

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Bio – living Logy- study so studding about living things is simply known as biology. Biology is the basic foundation to even study Medicine. Lot of universities and schools provide the facility of learning biology for students for their higher studies. Biology can divide in to two parts as Zoology and Botany. As I am a undergraduate in Agriculture this blog may focus more in to Botany. What is Zoology? Zoology is the study about animals and botany is the study of Plants. Usually living things can be categorize in to five kingdoms Monera ,Protista ,Fung,i Plantae, Animalia . In Biology we can discuss about these kingdoms. Other than zoology and botany students can study morphology and physiology of living organisms. Students will able to learn about structure of a living organism under morphology and under physiology they will learn about the functions inside the living organisms.

If we think about the history of biology we can’t exactly tell when it began. Our ancestors may get some knowledge about plants and animals living around them and they may gather information about those plants and animals. This may be the beginning of Biology. With the arrival of Greek civilization people has started to search for reasons cause for the result. People started to believe their should be a reason for every effect. This way of thinking made the foundation of science and biology is a branch of science. This science is the science of life. So Biology also developed with science step by step. After people found microscopes to observe micro organism Micro biology also developed as a science. After the invention of an electronic microscope which is more powerful than light microscope people found more about structure of plant and animal cells and about cell division like things. So here with these notes I will help you to improve your biological knowledge.

Biology is very interesting field to study. Especially microscopic living things are very interesting to observe. Biology is everything which creates beauty on this earth. Biology is the foundation of some machines , Scientists created those machines according to animal movements.


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