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There are some people who created blogs and earn money by becoming a full time bloggers. Every blog can’t earn money but if you can create a good content with good traffic you will definitely able to earn thousands of dollars using your own blog. Here I will tell you five simple tips to earn online using your blog.

1. Sell Ad space

This is the most famous and well known method of earning money with blogs. This can done locally if you have good local traffic there you will able to buy advertisements from local people of your country on monthly or weekly basis. You can sell ad spaces and earn money. This method is very secure and users can earn more because there is no involvement of 3rd parties. There you don’t need to depend on other ad networks and you can control your ads as you wish

2. Ad networks

There are several ad networks which provide ads for your blogs. When these ads get clicked you can earn money. Adsense is the most famous ad network currently. And Bidtraffic is also a very good ad network. Adsense payouts 100$ when your account reaches to that amount, via check to any country. Bidtraffic pays with pay pal and checks but there are some limitations with the countries.Bidtraffic ad network’s payout limit is 50$ and it pays well for good traffic


3. Sell Products

You can sell products on your blog and can get great income. There are sites which provide products to promote you can place those products on your blog when others buy those products you will get pay Some sites like Click Bank allows you to sell these products online and you will get good income by selling them. There you will get a commission for the sold product

4. Shorten Urls

you can put shorten URL s using a service like adfly then when those links get clicks you can earn money . You can put these URLs in your blog. If you link your posts inside the blog then you can put adfly links there you will get thousands of link views and you will earn well


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