5 Telltale Signs of Unhealthy Overnight Snacking

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Most people are not aware of  what can happen when you snack at night.  Unhealthy eating in the middle of the night can cause many health problems.  In addition to health problems other  unexpected things can occur like family, friend or work related difficulties. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep or rest at night  and then compensate the problem by eating.

What can cause snacking during the night:
1. Stress due to emotional, financial or physical issues
2. Inability to sleep
3. Working at night or odd hours

Five telltale signs of unhealthy overnight eating
1. Unwanted health issues like weight gain or high blood pressure which can occur suddenly or over
    a period of time
2. Not feeling  hungry when you wake up because you ate during the night
    Note: The best meal of the day is breakfast.  You probably have a loss of appetite due to snacking
3. Sluggish or lethargic during the day. You are unable to function and can not carry out your duties.
4. Grouchy or unpleasant attitude toward yourself and others.
5. Inability to concentrate or think properly. You make mistakes during your daily activities at work, school  
     or business.
All of these signs can be catastrophic if you choose to ignore them and don‘t do something about it.

An important step to take when shopping is to avoid buying sweets or high caloric foods like ice cream, cake, cookies, pies or anything that will entice you in the middle of the night to eat. This encourages you to binge and eat more.  Some caffeine beverages like coffee, tea or soda will generally keep most people  alert and this may  cause you to stay awake and consume more foods that are not good for you.

Keep low calorie, good snacks available like carrots, celery, popcorn, fruit or yogurt, if you must eat.. Sometimes drinking a hot beverage like skim milk or a glass of  cool water will help curve that craving for food. In order to avoid  this hunger  during the time when your body and mind should be resting, try alleviating the causes. Once you find out the underlying cause of your overnight  snacking  it will usually decrease or  be eliminated  whether  healthy or unhealthy.


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