Natural Treatments For Diabetes

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Close to 16 million people in America are suffering from diabetes. The more surprising thing is, almost half of them don’t even know that they have it. This chronic disease is one of the top causes of mortality in the U.S. and also one of the chief causes of amputation, renal failure, blindness, stroke and heart attack. The question is, could natural treatments change these statistics?

A dietary disorder, diabetes mellitus is having an abnormal high count of sugar in the blood known and emission of the said surplus through the urine. It can damage tiny blood vessels specifically on the feet and ankles which make them swell as a result. This occurrence is known as microangiopathy.

Type 1 diabetes or known as juvenile diabetes is when a person cannot produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is when the body fails to utilize insulin correctly or it can be a condition combined with insulin deficiency. This is usually developed in time among adults. If the body loses its sugar count warning and regulating system which is insulin, the level of blood sugar will increase and may affect other body systems. Glucose is acquired from food as well as substances that can lower it. To consider food as a natural remedy for this disease, it should have the ability to lower blood sugar levels.

The good news is that diabetes can be cured and managed with the help of proper nutrition and food supplements. A lot of sufferers have found relief from natural ingredients and most of them swear to its effectiveness. However, it is strictly recommended that you consult your doctor first before trying any of these natural remedies for diabetes.

1. Indian Gooseberry

A current study used fruit extracts from Indian gooseberry given to diabetic rats induced with alloxan showed considerable amounts of blood sugar and triglycerides to decrease. This fruit-bearing plant contains high levels of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C and is now considered to be a helpful natural food remedy for diabetes. It is best consumed in its juice form, a tablespoon of which to be added to bitter melon juice and to be taken everyday for 2 months.

2. Bitter Melon

Also known as bitter gourd, it is one of the most effective home remedies in managing diabetes. What makes it so powerful against diabetes is its insulin-like or hypoglycemic effect sometimes called plant insulin. This plant insulin has the ability to lower the sugar levels in the blood as well as in urine. Eating this green vegetable everyday could be beneficial to any diabetic. Studies say that drinking its juice first thing in the morning give better results. Tablets made of bitter melon extract from a company in the Philippines called Charantia are being exported too. You might want to try to look for these in specialty health stores or through the internet.

3. Cinnamon

A number of diabetics have reported that including cinnamon in their daily meals have improved their blood glucose level. A study which included 30 each of type 2 diabetic males and females with a 52-age average was printed in Diabetes Care, stating favorable results for people who include cinnamon in their diet. The results indicated that cinnamon has the ability to lessen the risks linked to diabetes and heart disease.

4. Fenugreek

An herb and spice commonly used in curries, fenugreek seeds have also been discovered to be efficient in treating diabetes. Taking these seeds in variable dosages of 25 grams to 100 grams every day can lessen the effects of hyperglycaemia among diabetics. Studies show that consuming fenugreek seeds can significantly reduce the amount of glucose, triglycerides and serum cholesterol in the body.

5. Berberine

Extracted from plants such as Oregon grape, barberry and tree turmeric, berberine has been widely used in traditional medicine but hasn’t undergone proper clinical process to declare its therapeutic benefits to be safe and effective. However, a research done by scientists from Australia, Korea and China at the Garvan Institute in Sydney has recently shown its effectiveness against type 2 diabetes. The research study was made available through the “Diabetes Journal” and it presented how berberine was able to cause blood sugar to drop 50% when administered to experimental rodents for more than 3 weeks.

There are several foods, herbs and natural ingredients coming out today claiming their effectiveness in treating diabetes naturally. Though natural ones have the potential to be more successful and safe in treating various diseases, utmost care and the advice of your doctor is still recommended. Watching what you eat is also one of the best ways to control diabetes.


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