Body Odor: Treatment Using Drugs And Herbs

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If you think you’re the only one who stinks, then think again. According to some Hollywood stories, Rex Harrison’s breath was not as great as his acting performance. And the beautiful Betty Grable who became famous for her 1940’s pin-ups, believe it or not, suffered from body odor. So, if your smell is a tad more natural than other people would favor, stop feeling left out and do something about it. If your hygiene is perfectly fine and you didn’t spill your shirt with sour milk during lunch break, then there are other possible causes that you might want to consider for your unattractive odor.

Body odor is a bad smell released by the skin. A person’s skin creates two different types of sweat secreted by two different types of glands known as the apocrine and eccrine. These sweat glands produce moisture when the body is exposed not just to heat but as well as to strong emotions such as anger, stress, nerves and even sexual stimulation. The sweat produced by the apocrine glands can be inhabited by bacteria which can grow and proliferate, which then produces a stink as the said bacteria break down the liquids in sweat.

Skin infections may also be the cause of this unfavorably smelly condition. A good example is athlete’s foot. Moreover, liver and kidney malfunctions may also lead to bad odor since these organs help the body get rid of wastes and excess water. If the body cannot remove wastes properly through the kidney and liver, it may cause bad breath or a bad aroma released through the skin. These conditions should be properly diagnosed to help you proceed to an appropriate treatment. If you experience a persistent stink in your mouth and body, then do not hesitate to seek professional medical advice.

There are no specific medications for treating body odor except for antiperspirants and deodorants. These may be considered as drugs since they may consist of compounds mainly based with aluminum. These compounds work by blocking the pores temporarily thus minimizing sweat produced in your skin.

Alcohol is also one of the main ingredients of deodorants which mainly get rid of the bad smell but not excess sweating. Alcohol turns the treated part of the skin into an acidic area to prevent attracting odor-causing bacteria. Deodorants may also contain floral or soapy fresh scents to cover the smell of sweat.

However, one must bear in mind that any of these substances may cause irritation of the skin and can be sopped up through the pores into the body. So, be sure to read the label first before purchasing just any over-the-counter deodorant or antiperspirant. If you are advised by your doctor to use stronger products, take some samples for now and do a patch test on a small area first to avoid any mishaps.

Rosmarinus officinalis or most commonly known as rosemary, is not just used as an aromatic herb for cooking but as an effective home remedy for body odor. It contains antibiotic and antiseptic properties and a refreshing piney scent that is deemed helpful in getting rid of foul body smell. Sage, another culinary herb works as well by easily drying up perspiration and is a good antibiotic and antiseptic like rosemary.

A tablespoon of dried and finely ground rosemary mixed with ground sage (1tbsp), cornstarch (35g) and baking soda (35g) can be used as a sweet-scented body powder to counteract excess sweat and odor-causing bacteria or fungus. A tea made from dried rosemary leaves or sage can also be used as a body wash. When using rosemary, simply infuse 1 teaspoon of its dried leaves in a quarter of a liter of hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. If you want to use sage, take 2 teaspoons and soak it in ¼ liter of hot water for five minutes. Stop use if irritation occurs.

Lastly, fennel is a century-old herb that was used by Hildregard of Bingen to treat body odor during the 10th century AD. Fennel seeds are perfect for treating bad breath or foul odor that start off in the intestines and also helps in improving digestion. That’s why you will notice that Indian restaurants offer fennel seeds after meals. You can eat whole fennel seeds after mealtime or take a cup of its tea a day. See how this inexpensive herb can help you get over that bad smell from your body or even your mouth.


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