Tagalog Love Quotes

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     We all know that Filipinos are naturally sweet and funny. Because of these traits, its obvious that every filipina wants to feel that they are special. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to impress a filipina. One of the simple and easiest way is to tell them some tagalog quotes about love. I know this is quite simple but its really effective. Trust me. It really helps if you really want to impress a filipina. Everybody loves humor. Humor plus sweet words is equals to a precious smile from a very beautiful girl from the east. It’s priceless! Who doesn’t want to hear sweet quotes from a person you love? I think no one does.

     For years tagalog quotes already evolved from a complex form to a feel-good theme which makes it more interesting as it catches the attention of ordinary people. It only shows that qoutes written in tagalog are continuously flourishing. As of today, the effects of tagalog quotes are very vital. Many groups were established to share their own quotes especially in networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. The number is continuously increasing day by day.

     Here are some of the fan pages from facebook that share a lot of tagalog quotes. Take note that these are taken in random. You can search them on facebook.



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These are just ten of many fan pages on facebook.

Here are some quotes translated in English.

1. Ang pagibig ay mahalaga. Hindi mo naman kailangan ibigay ang lahat para patunayan na mahal mo siya.

– Love is important. You don’t need to give everything just to prove that you love her.

2. Minsan hindi mo kailangan magpikita ng mga espesyal na bagay para mapatunayan mong mahal mo siya. Simpleng bagay lang ok para malaman niya ang gusto mong sabihin.

– Sometimes you don’t need special things to prove that you really love here. Just simple things are fine to know what you really wanted to say.

You can also read a lot of quotes written in tagalog here in the internet. Just search and feel free to learn some of them to impress a filipina girl and make her smile.

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