Ten Easy Tips to Conquer Your Stress

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Stress-free life is the greatest dream of every one. But in reality, it is only a mirage. That is why Hans Selye, the great Hungarian researcher of stress, said, “Complete freedom from stress is death.” Pressure of modern life are always on the increase, lurking in the background of every move in life. Stress is the culprit in most of modern fatal diseases, from simple headache to fatal heart attackCoping with stress in life and carrying life towards success is an art, necessary in modern life. Here are ten easy tips which will surely help you to overcome stress and move your life towards success.

Ten easy tips to conquer stress

1) Understand stress
Stress is a natural process. The first thing you have to do is to understand stress. It is inevitable and you have to manage it with a knack. Stress is caused more by internal conflicts than by external reasons. Try to look at nature and live with it. Be calm looking at the sun rise, clouds, singing birds, and the changes in nature. Try to find out what you can appreciate in nature. Be thankful, looking at the positive side of life.

2) Try to analyze how your stress can be good
Find out the positive side of stress and realize that stress is good for you in some way. Life consists of loss, failures, death, pain, and more. Do not fuss about simple things, because not all stress is about big life issues. Misplacing your car key should not upset you. Just think calmly, taking a breath. You will be relieved of your stress and you will find out your car key also easily.

3) Just believe that you can cope with the situation
This attitude will make you motivated and use your positive energies. Realize that you need some stress to stay alert and push you towards action. Stress is good to make you plunge into action.

4) Know your own weakness
You are human and prone to mistakes. You should expect mistakes. That will avoid your unnecessary stress. Self compassion is necessary to understand yourself more and utilyse your own potentials.

5) Try to understand others
When you find out your own weakness you can understand others also better. It helps you learn the inner human nature and be patient and lovable to others. When you expect unnatural perfection from others it makes you manifest impatience, aggravating your stress.

6) Build up relationships
Relationship is very essential for peaceful living. Frictions in relationships cause tension and stress. Good relationship always reduces stress.

7) Meditation works magic in relieving stress
It can be practised if you just want it. Be calm and look at nature to enjoy how good it is for you. Yoga, Tai chi, gardening, etc. are some of the ways that can divert your attention and focus towards calmness. Relaxation techniques can help you a lot.

8) Try to be satisfied with what you have
Modern man is more stressed because he is not satisfied with what he has. He is greedy and wants to have more and more. His greed tempts him to be excessive in desire and to trespass any laws of morality. There is a saying in Tamil, a South Indian Language, which means being satisfied at heart is the most effective elixir for any disease.

9) Balance your work and leisure
Working all time will turn you mad. Remember success depends on the balance between the amount of time you spend working and how much you spend having fun.

10) Trust in God
Trust in God is an important quality to build up your own potentials, relationship with others and reach success. This is the easiest step to conquer any stress. 


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