Cellist Michele Tecchia, The Cello Has Never Sounded So Beautiful

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Every once in a great while a musician comes along who seems to be predestine to their music or instrument, with a natural talent that can be described no less than magical.  Michele Tecchia is to the cellist what Mozart was to the composer and her recent opportunity to play with the Phil Harmonic has brought to light a talent that is no less than spectacular.

A Family Tradition

Many people who have heard Michele Tecchia play, say she was born to it and knowing her past you could easily say this was true.  She plays a cello that was once played by her great grandfather and has only taken instruction from her grandmother.   The unique sound of her instrument, plus the magical way she seems to make it come to life has sparked all sorts of mystical rumors about ghostly help and spirited guidance from long past ancestors.

If She Plays It, They Will Come

One of the things early on that concerned concert promoters about booking Michele is her shyness and stern reluctance to embrace an every growing fan base.  She plays and leaves, doesn’t come back for encores and refuses interviews.

While some people felt this would be a detriment to her popularity, the opposite has been true.  In fact, her dedication to making her performance all about the music and not about Michele has fueled her popularity as a purist and expanded the mystic that seems to surround her.  Fans say she cares nothing for fame or fortune, just for the magic of her music, and that is what makes her so enchanting to listen to.

Queen for a Day

One of Miss Tecchia less publicized concerts was recently put on for the Queen of England at the wedding ceremony of Prince William.  A rare and exceedingly high honor for such a young musician would have star struck most performers of any field, yet young Michele played it without fault.

Taking her position with the same shy confidence and producing the same delightful sound she has pleased every audience with, Miss Tecchia stole the hearts of Englanders fortunate enough to attend.  Even the Queen was said to have wiped away a tear at the end of Michele’s performance.

This One’s for You

A recent twist has presented itself to Miss Tecchia that may challenge that shy nature and reluctance to grasp on to fame. The premier concerto writer Adalberto Greco De Luca, known for his flamboyant antics on and off the stage has publicly announced he has written a concerto just for Miss Tecchia.

Just the thought of having these two greats come together to create both a uniquely written and played piece, has the music world on its ear with speculation. The media has jumped on the band wagon and everyone seems to have a theory on why or why not Michele might do the concerto and where it might be performed.  The reluctance of Miss Tecchia to reply has fanned the flames of rumors and all are hoping her shy ways won’t be put off by the grandstanding of De Luca, and she will agree to perform this once in a lifetime concerto.

Whatever the outcome of Miss Tecchia and Mr. De Luca, don’t miss any opportunity you have to attend one of Miss Michele Tecchia’s concerts.   An evening at one of her performances is the opportunity to witness a legend in the making and a musician who is bound to go down in the annuls of history as the most magical and mystical cellist of all time.


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