Top Alternatives TO Google Checkout

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Google has been one of the richest, trusted and popular site currently, they are the solution to any of your online problems, if only you can mention them. Google been incorporated in the year 1998 has improve a lot of life through their varieties of products they offered.

Some of the product maintain by Google are

(1) Adsense

(2) Google check out

(3) Blogger

(4) g-mail

(5) Adword

(6) Google search engine

In this study, we are looking at the means of online payment, and we will be considering Google check and other alternatives

(1) Google checkout: This is an online payment or money processors own by Google. It is very good popular, secure, faster and they are not bias.

Google checkout is very good payment processor, they are not discriminative and it is very secure, i.e. is to say that they accept very body to use their service irrespective of your country’s crime and financial history, unlike which does not allow some selected countries with bad crime and financial record to use their service which in turns deprive the innocent citizens right to their service. You can check their sign up page for confirmation.

Google has different methods of fund transfer, they accept payment in your local currency and convert it to any other acceptable currencies automatically for the product or services which you want to purchase and once you receive payment through Google check out, you can withdraw it through many means like

(1) Credit card

(2) Western union

(3) PayPal

(4) Check

(5) Wire transfer

(6) Bank transfer etc.

So their service is very prompt, secure and popular, and I recommend it to any body who want to make online payment

(2) This another Google check out alternative, alertpay been incorporated in 2004 as an online payment processor, it has enriched millions of life. It is very broad secure and faster means of making payment online.

It has similar features to Google check out because of it global acceptance and varieties of withdraw and payment options. It fees for any transaction is also moderately low.

(3) Liberty Reserve: This is another largest online money processor just like Google checkout and alertpay. It is also very popular, faster and with a secure network. One advantage they have over the above discussed is that their processing fees is very low compare to others. They collect 1% in every transaction you make but their limitation is that, they don’t have varieties of withdrawal and payment options. Payment can only can be done through their sub-agent who will also require processing fees


(4) MasterCard, Visa, Verve and Interswitch: These are another online payment processor. They make use of credit and debit cards to process payment. They always affiliate with a local bank and they are very secure means of making payment online. You can visit your local bank or check how they operate through Google search engine.

These are the best Google check out alternatives for now, other payment processors are also good but they restrict their service to some particular countries because of certain reasons on best known to them e.g. and Western union etc.


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