A Poem to a Mother

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There goes a very famous Indian saying, which when translated means- ” Mother , Father, Teacher and God are respectively the 4 most important people in a person’s life. Not surprisingly a mother has been given the most importance in Vedic folklore as the mother’s role in the upbringing of a child cannot be compared. Right from the strenuous taks of bearing a child for 9 long months to making him/ her a repsnsible adult it is the mother who plays a pivotal role. So to one such mom, who means the world to me I dedicate this- 

“A Tribute for my mom”

Up and awake before the clocks strikes five,

Working late in the night till the moon rises high.

One woman slogs and cares for me like none other.

She is no one else but my  sweet and loving mother.

She brought me into this world protecting me in her womb

I lay there safe and sound as if enclosed in a tomb.

She cared for me day and night when I lay in her lap crying,

My constant tantrums must have made her job really trying.

But she took everything in her stride and bore everything with a smile,

Her constant encouragement and care in my studies took me many a mile.

She watched me growing with great pleasure,

Her tips and advice were always something to treasure.

She was always there for me when my joys and sorrows needed to be shared,

Her meticulousness and moral support to me cannot be compared.

But my shabbiness and lackadaisical approach sometimes made her go mad,

And when she shouted at me it made me feel very sad.

But when I look back  I  realize they  were only for my welfare,

And the pestering manifested themselves only  due to her excessive care.

She has dedicated her whole life to me being a friend, a philosopher and a guide,

And  I am sure whatever happen she will always be by my side.

I don’t know what I am going to do to hail my mother, like none other.

But I am sure I can say this



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