Thoughts on Moba

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What is a MOBA?

A MOBA is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, usually consisting of two sides fighting to destroy the opposing sides base, towers and minions.. LOTS of minions to farm! And of course the main stars of MOBA are the heroes/champions who fight each other in bloody gruesome wars to win the hearts of many women.

Main MOBA I will be using to reference things is League of Legends due to the fact that I have been playing the game for quite some time now. I have tried HoN and am a little biased on which of the two are better.


Ever experienced, living with one health remaining, juking the psychopatchic jester chasing you through tallgrass and being the swan you are, gracefully gliding through the walls? Well of course not those things do not happen in other games. Unless you are playing a MOBA! The unique sensation of taunting your opponent after escaping with that slither of health is just EL OH EL, might seem like a lil douchey  at first, but it is a game. A game where if you get caught speaking in /all chat can seriously butthurt the enemy team and mostly consists of people asking if the other person is mad or not.

MOBAs have definitely come a long way, thanks to DotA, people have developed games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth in my opinion the two most popular ones out of the genre. Though I say League has a bigger player base and overall just has a better community though you do get the whimsical few who like to tell you to “unistall the game” or  “what are you negative 500 ELO?” oh right, ELO is basically how big your e-peen is.

The variety to choose how to build your character you play for that single game and then diversing into a different build the next game just plays so well, you can be creative with the items you get, the runes you buy, mastery points to suit your style, MOBA might not be a genre that appeals to everyone but it certainly appeals to me and I hope people who do not know what it was, now do and will try the game!

So yeah whether this was a rant or what ever these are pretty much a peak of my thoughts on the MOBA League of Legends.

This is Duck signing out.


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