Building Online Business Connections

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To build an online business connection is usually much harder than building a business connection in person but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you think about the first time you meet someone in person there are a lot of things you find out about them.

Here are just a few examples of those:

Do they seem outgoing and enthusiastic?

Obviously if they say only a handful of words and you don’t sense the energy in their voice then the probably don’t have these qualities.

Do they present themselves well and have nice clothes on?

So if they come to meet you in their sweat pants with holes in them and it looks like the wore a cap to cover up their hair that hasn’t been washed or combed in a while your would probably think of them as a slob.

When you ask them questions do you feel like they gave you a straight answer and are willing to help you?

Or when you ask them a question to they skate around the answer and never get to the answer if this the case you may feel like they are in it for themselves and they don’t much care about you.

These are just a few examples of how you might view someone after you speak with them face to face so all in all you can get a pretty good feeling of who this person is.

Then comes the building of an online business connection where your reading someones blog posts, articles, emails, finding them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube it can be harder to really figure out who this person is.

But wait!

Then you have a chance to meet them in person at alive event and after reading about them and studying from them for some time you meet face to face.

So prior to this meeting you have and idea in your mind how the first meeting will go because you feel like you know them.

But it’s not what you expected at all!

After talking with the person for a few minutes you don’t feel like this is the person who has been behind the articles, blog post and emails.

Right there a sense of trust is lost and possibly any future online business connections.

The person online was trying to be someone they were not and it was very evident once the face was put with the name.

While it is important to read and study what other are doing if you try to follow their every move it will come back to bite you.

The easiest way to build online business connections is to be genuine by just being yourself people will relate to you and in turn you will build that connection quicker.

The best thing to do when writing is write exactly how you speak and don’t try to impress people by using big words if that is not how you speak.

When creating video make it real for your audience take the video in your office, home or outdoors.

Don’t go to a professional studio in your best dressed with makeup on if that’s not who you are.

With so many people skeptical of online business it will take work to build the connection but don’t ever overlook the easiest way for you build that relationship and that is to BE YOURSELF!

While you may think that because your online you can create a model of someone you are not, but I can guarantee that you will be sniffed out and you will lose your online business connections faster than you can say gone.


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