The Art of Wine Appreciation

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Wine is an aged alcoholic grape juice. It is the ultimate party and socialising partner, offered in white, red or rose. Wine is also treasured and, like a fine jewel, it actually gets better with age. This is the rationality behind bottles that are sought as collectors’ items and vintage vineyards are tout le rage.

Buying wine is one thing, appreciating wine is an art form but once you’ve got the ability you won’t mind adding 40 per cent to your dinner expense just to have the beverage.

Some basic rules:
NEVER drink hungered. If you do, and you’re with a man, it just means that your date  has not bought you dinner and assesses you a cheap date, or only worthy of being one, which is certainly not a good sign, but this is a totally different issue.
NEVER mix and match. You must not mix styles and several labels, and the same rule must apply with drinks. Go for beer, hard spirits, or wine. Choose one kind and stay with it.
NEVER go  beyond the dizzy, light-headed phase. At the queasiness and black out phase you cease to look even remotely attractive, and the hang­over will cancel out any fun.
DON’T try to outdo a man drink for drink if you don’t know your limits. A woman’s tolerance is normally lower.

Don’t join drinking contests, save it is your intention either to collapse, or be carried home wasted.

How to Appreciate Wine Tasting Parties
Sniffing, wine tasting, and spitting may hit you as pompous but, before you scoff, there is style in this madness. A wine-tasting session is comparable to buying a shoe, with plenty of different styles and brands available. You need to try a few to see out what best fits you, your taste, and your moods. That said, the spitting  bit should not be done in restaurants, bars and any non-wine-tasting meetings.

Carry the open wine bottle and pour a small sample into the glass. lift the glass to your lips. Close your eyes. Leisurely move the glass under your nose and inhale deeply. Allow your mind transport you on a journey to that fragrance: to the rich terracotta of the  parched landscape, the rolling landscape, the women with their peasant blouses, and their skirts trailing along the winding path . . . Wine tells a story, you  should listen and indulge it to experience it at its best.

A really excellent bottle cantickle your taste buds and mind. This is why wine it is so intoxicating and addictive, and so potentially expensive.


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